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To Book Gym Reb3l North Liverpool Please Book Direct:

Call or Text: 07921 338887

Gym Reb3l Boutique Studios Location

Gym Reb3l South Liverpool

All 4 Signature Fitness Classes Available At This Location

Gym Reb3l North Liverpool

Reb3l Rumble, Reb3l FIT Available At This Location

How Do I Book A Class?

You can book your first class in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Choose your studio location

Step 2: Choose the class you want to book and click directly on it

Step 3: Register (if you haven't already) and then book your place (to guarantee it) directly through our app

Once you have registered for the first time you will be sent an email with all your login details

If you have registered before you can simply login to the APP or via the web page at anytime and book when you are ready

Can I Cancel?

You can cancel class bookings subject to our terms which you can read by clicking below

Click >>> Full Membership and Conditions

What Are The Classes?

We have 4 main classes for you to choose from and a full description of each class can be found by simply clicking the name of the class(es) below

Reb3l Rumble

Reb3l FIT

Reb3l Yoga

Reb3l Strength

Will I Be Fit Enough?

Our 4 signature fitness classes are built around you

Which may seem strange because they are group work and not 1-2-1 personal training

But what we mean by this is that the personal trainer taking the class is able to make adjustments where needed to ensure that during the program you are pushed to your own ability levels

Gym Reb3l Boutique Fitness

Tel: 07710 448 273

Personal Training

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