yoga classes liverpool

Yoga studio

Lighting and atmosphere play a huge role in Reb3l Yoga classes and setting the perfect environment for our style of yoga

We also provide mats or you can choose to bring your own to the Reb3l Yoga class

yoga classes liverpool

the music

Reb3l Yoga is not like your traditional class and the music played

You will follow the class listening to dedicated mixes of either 'R 'n' B', Trance, Pop and Dance music to give you an uplifting yoga class

yoga classes liverpool

The Results

We encourage all our members to follow Reb3l Yoga as the benefits to yoga in the flexibility and ability to help you lift more weights is incredible

Plus the relaxation and meditation side is a huge stress relief 

Reb3l Yoga... All The Benefits Without The 'Om'

If you are looking for a yoga class that is uplifting and motivational without the 'ommm' then Reb3l Yoga is for you

Increase your flexibility, improve your posture and mindset with Reb3l Yoga today

Gym Reb3l Boutique Studios Location

Gym Reb3l South Liverpool

Gym Reb3l North Liverpool

Reb3l Yoga is not available in our North Liverpool Studio

FAQ's About Reb3l FIT

What Do You Mean Without The 'Om'?

Reb3l Yoga is different to other yoga classes in that while we practice all the core moves of a traditional yoga class we like to do this to uplifting, inspirational music

We understand you have a core group of people who would prefer to follow traditional yoga classes but we also know that these formats can put people off

This is why we have created the fashionable Reb3l Yoga to give the group of people the benefit of yoga without the other elements

What If I Want Traditional Yoga Music?

The music played in Reb3l Yoga is specific to the atmosphere we create and traditional yoga music would not fit

The lights and music creates the positive atmosphere that has seen so many people join our Reb3l Yoga class to get all the benefits of traditional yoga

Is this one of the best yoga classes Liverpool has?

If you are looking for an uplifting yoga class, then yes this is the best yoga class for you

I Am Not Flexible And Have Never Been To A Yoga Class Before...

Then you are in the best hands

Reb3l Yoga caters for all levels of ability and our yoga teacher will be able to instruct you to positions that are beneficial to you

At no point during the yoga class will you be just sat there watching while others are doing the poses

You will be looked after as if this is a 1-2-1 yoga class and the yoga teacher will help you to develop and eventually progress through all the full poses

Why Would You Recommend Yoga When I Lift Weights?

Reb3l Yoga has an incredible benefit to your weights program as it helps you to become more mobile and increase flexibility

So many people cannot do full range of motions in the core lifts because their mobility is restricted

You only have to look at video's of people squatting to see that there are so many varied types of depth you got to to understand that something is not right

Yoga not only helps your mind and helps you to de-stress but it is amazing for increasing your body shape and having a huge impact on your weights and fitness programs

How Do I Join?

All you need to do to activate your Gym Reb3l membership is to click on the BOOK NOW buttons above

From here you will then just complete a few of your details and then one of our coaches will give you an initial call

As Gym Reb3l is NOT like your traditional class studio and everything is based around the personal training product

Your first part will be to have a phone consultation with one of our coaches

This is so we can see exactly what you want to achieve from Gym Reb3l when you join our initial 8-week transformation program

From this you will then have an assessment from one of our personal trainer who will then use this to make any recommendations or notes on your file so changes can be made if necessary to the workouts you take part in

This is what separates Gym Reb3l from all other fitness workouts is that our approach is personal to you

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