crossfit liverpool for women strength class

the exercises

Reb3l Strength focus on olympic lifts and other compound movements

This are the lifts that recruit the most muscle meaning greater results in strength and muscular tone

Strength training has an amazing affect on changing your body shape fast so skinny becomes SHAPE

crossfit liverpool for women strength class


The programs in Reb3l Strength are periodised workout's

Meaning that every program from your first session is planned

The repetitions, sets, exercise choices and rest periods are selected based around the phase of training you are on

And you will all be working to your own level of ability and exercise choices for the best results

crossfit liverpool for women strength class

personalised plans

Before you join Reb3l Strength you will be assessed by one of our coaches

This will determine your starting point for all of the major movements involved in the program

If you haven't got the mobility or strength to squat (for example) then you will start at a different point

The programs are personalised to you

Gone Are The Days of Skinny... Now Women Demand Shape!

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FAQ's About Reb3l Strength

Will I Be OK If I Have Never Lifted Weights Before?

100% - You will be more than ok

Our personal trainers work with all levels of ability in Reb3l Strength and will tailor the program just for you

With the nature of the workouts and the programs you are following it is important that with any strength training program you work to your own capabilities and not to a generic strength based class

With all our fitness classes at Gym Reb3l our personal trainers will know how to structure and make small changes to the workouts to fit your current level of fitness and mobility

This is not your generic fitness class with a '1 time' workout written on the board and everyone following the same plan no matter what their levels of ability are

This is you and your workout in a small group where you are working to your own capabilities and getting the results you want and deserve

Is This A Cross Fit Class?

Reb3l Strength is nothing like a crossfit workout class

If you are looking for a crossfit style workout then I strongly recommend going directly to a crossfit gym near you

While we think Crossfit competed at the highest level is an amazing workout with incredible athletes we do not follow the Crossfit workout logs or links on their site

Reb3l Strength is a 12-month customised workout program that is written and planned around our members levels of ability

It does not matter what your experience or exercise history is when you join this class as necessary changes and adaptations to the workouts will be made to suit the individual

If you are looking for a dedicated crossfit liverpool fitness class then Reb3l Strength is not the program for you

As mentioned before, the workouts around Reb3l Strength are set to you individually and while some of the exercises may be the same as other group members you will never be instructed to complete any exercise you are not ready for

I Have A Back Injury, Am I OK To Come?

While a back injury can be varied strength training can improve the strength of your back and supportive muscles

Without knowing the full extent of the injury we can't comment on what you level or participation can be but if you contact Gym Reb3l and arrange your first assessment our personal trainers will be able to determine if Reb3l Strength is right for you to start or what the course of action would be to get you going

I Don't Like Squats...

Give it time and you will learn to love them...


Why Is This Different To CrossFit?

In Reb3l Strength we do use the main core lifts that you may see in CrossFit Liverpool and other crossfit studios across the Liverpool

Reb3l Strength clients are all programmed individually and and the class format takes on that of a personal training program

Meaning that we use progressions to get you to the levels where such lifts are capable and your body is ready

So many people walk in to a gym a dive straight in to squats without having the necessary mobility and supportive strength to perform this exercise and can potentially cause more damage

We do not also run competitions like CrossFit Liverpool and other programs

We are a strength based fitness class for women who want to change the shape of their body and get amazing results

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