boxing class liverpool

round 1

Learn basic footwork and explosive combinations combined with body weight and core exercises to give you an all over burn 

boxing class liverpool

round 2

Technique round where you will learn and refresh the basic punches and foot work to give you confidence in the class

boxing class liverpool

round 3

Willpower, Guts, Determination and Discipline will get you through the next 45 minutes where it is You -v- The Bag in a fight to the finish

YOU -v- The Bag

When your cardio and muscular endurance are tested to give you the most complete, satisfying

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FAQ's About Gym Reb3l

Am I Fit Enough For Reb3l Rumble?

As with all of our Gym Reb3l Signature classes Reb3l Rumble is coached by one of our personal trainers

All levels of ability are welcome and because you are working against the clock your own fitness determines the amount of work you do

Our coaches will make any necessary adjustments to the exercises to suit your needs but this class is for ALL levels of ability

Reb3l Rumble is about you enjoying the class and yourself while pushing to your limits

This isn't a boxing class where you will be set up and learn to step in to the ring

This is a workout that is still structured to the individual to give them the best workout

Are You A Traditional Boxing Gym?

If you are looking for a boxing gym in Liverpool where you can do white collar fights or train to be the next Frank Bruno then this isn't for you

Reb3l Rumble is a boxing class that is focused around basic boxing techniques and bag work

Please do not come to Reb3l Rumble if you are looking to step in to a ring or believe that you will be learning from professional boxing coaches

Our personal trainers are not boxing coaches and are here to give you a workout based around a boxing format

We only use bags during the classes and not pads or other tools professional boxers would use in their training

Nor will you see any sparing or head guards work

It is you, the gloves, a bag and some weights

And this is what makes Reb3l Rumble so appealing to others in that we can give you an incredible experience through our boxing based workouts

What Is Involved In Your Reb3l Rumble Boxing Class?

Our Reb3l Rumble boxing classes are split over 3 main elements

Round 1: This is where you will learn the basic footwork and hand positions for striking the bag

Round 2: More boxing techniques and warming up read for the workout

Round 3: The Rumble...Willpower, Guts, Determination and Discipline will get you through the next 45 minutes where it is You -v- The Bag in a fight to the finish

Are Your Boxing Classes For Men and Women?

Reb3l Rumble is a mixed class 

If you are looking for women's boxing classes then we do have times of the day where the classes are just women

But this isn't a ladies only boxing class

If you are someone who thinks they might be intimidated with mixed classes then please do not worry

In the Reb3l Rumble class you are punching bags and not holding pads for each other

The classes are structured to focus on bag work and then core and stability work so you will be working only with YOU -v- THE BAG

Just remember that there is no sparing or any element fighting in our class

We are a boxing based workout and all sessions are taken with you and the boxing bags

If you want a traditional boxing trainer or looking to step in to the ring them please do not attend Reb3l Rumble and looking for a boxing coach or boxing gym in your area

Do I Need My Own Gloves?

At Gym Reb3l we do have gloves you can use within the class if you have forgotten yours

And we also sell boxing gloves too within the studios

Hand wash and glove protectors are also worn during the class but most people will bring their own gloves that they have either bought from Gym Reb3l or other sports shops in the area

How Do I Join?

As with all Gym Reb3l programs you will first join through our 4-week body transformation program

From this program you will then have a coaching consultation with one of our personal trainers where we will go through your goals of the plan and what you want to achieve

You will then be booked in for your initial assessment and then from this you are then able to attend your Reb3l Rumble boxing class

Remember; Gym Reb3l is not your traditional class studio where you can just turn up and take a class when you like

We have structured classes and workouts for you to follow and each session is planned so you get the best results possible

You will work and be in contact with our personal trainers to ensure you are on track with your health and fitness goals and the reason you joined Gym Reb3l from the start

If you do want to join classes and just drop in when you like then Gym Reb3l is not for you

Like you we demand results and demand we get the best results from our clients

And to achieve this we need your commitment

Do You Spare In Your Reb3l Rumble Boxing Class?


As mentioned before we are not a boxing gym

We are here to help you to get fitter, healthier, stronger and get the body you want

Why Reb3l Rumble?

If you want to get;

  • Fitter
  • Healthier
  • Toned
  • Flatter Stomach
  • And De Stress

Without the intimidation of a boxing gym then Reb3l Rumble is for you

We are a dedicated boxing fitness class that get's our clients amazing results from the program

Whether you choose to mix your Reb3l Rumble classes with other fitness classes at Gym Reb3l is up to you

But the best boxing class Liverpool has for those who want the results mentioned is Reb3l Rumble

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