fitness classes HITT class liverpool

round 1

Dumbbells, Barbells, Slam Balls and Battle Ropes takes you through an incredible workout to help strength and tone your body fast... Nothing beats the success of Reb3l FIT

fitness classes HITT class liverpool

round 2

Bodyweight, Core and Short Sharp Cardio drills take you to another level where mindset and will power be tested… but the results are incredible

fitness classes HITT class liverpool

round 3

The finisher… cardio machines and core work to leave you feeling satisfied and complete knowing you are looking and feeling FIT in the most complete workout program

Time To Get FIT

Bodyweight, Weights, Cardio... Willpower... Everything you need to complete this class and get FIT

Whether you are looking at sweating out the #Prosecco or burning off some calories this ultimate full body workout gets you in shape and FIT

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FAQ's About Reb3l FIT Fitness Classes

How Many People Are In Your Reb3l FIT Class?

Gym Reb3l was built off the back of a successful company called Liverpool Personal Training Studios

The ethos of Gym Reb3l is to provide the 3 main elements of a successful personal training program

To basically bring the whole personal training package to a group environment

With that in mind our fitness classes are not like your traditional workouts classes in Liverpool

We limit our class numbers to between 20-25 people depending on the type of class

And with our Gym Reb3l personal trainers coaching the sessions you will be in amazing hands to ensure you get the best workout and experience

Will I Be Fit Enough For Reb3l FIT?

Reb3l FIT is a structured fitness class that is coached by our personal trainers

It does not matter what you current level of fitness is as our coaches will be able to make adjustments based on where you are

This isn't like traditional fitness classes with no structure and just a workout

This is a proven plan that will get you incredible results

I Am Not Very Fit And Worried About Coming To The Class...

This is not something to worry about

Every workout at Gym Reb3l is taken by one of our personal trainers and from your initial consultation we are able to make changes and adjustments to each part and ensure you are able to complete the workouts, while working within your limits

Every workout you do you will know and feel how well you have done and you will see huge progress and progression during the sessions

Thinking back to each workout you can see huge changes, not only in your fitness levels but also in your strength and muscular endurance too

All fitness classes at Gym Reb3l are coached and structured meaning we can cater for all levels

Plus you have complete access to our personal trainers and coaching support team within the fitness classes to make sure you are focused and comfortable every step of the way

Is Reb3l FIT Just Like A Circuit Class?

While Reb3l FIT works on some of the principles of circuit training our workouts also incorporate HIIT workouts and other training protocols

You will not find any fitness classes like Reb3l FIT that incorporates all the elements to make this class a high calorie burning workout

We cycle our training programs to ensure our members continue to develop and improve

Basic circuit classes and other fitness classes are not structured and usually 'made up' judging on the numbers that arrive

Reb3l FIT is NOT like this

To get progression you need to constantly change the workouts and have them monitored for success

You will be taken through 4 main training principles that help people to get fitter, increase the muscular endurance and muscle tone

And these 4 principles is what makes up the basics of Reb3l FIT and the reason why our clients get amazing results

How Do I Join?

All you need to do to activate your Gym Reb3l membership is to click on the BOOK NOW buttons above

From here you will then just complete a few of your details and then one of our coaches will give you an initial call

As Gym Reb3l is NOT like your traditional class studio and everything is based around the personal training product

Your first part will be to have a phone consultation with one of our coaches

This is so we can see exactly what you want to achieve from Gym Reb3l when you join our initial 8-week transformation program

From this you will then have an assessment from one of our personal trainer who will then use this to make any recommendations or notes on your file so changes can be made if necessary to the workouts you take part in

This is what separates Gym Reb3l from all other fitness classes is that our approach is personal to you

Why Is Reb3l FIT Different To Other Fitness Classes?

Everything you do within a Reb3l FIT class is structured and planned

Most fitness classes you attend will be made up on the spot and have no structure

Reb3l FIT is different

As with personal training we know that in order for our clients to progress they must follow a structured program with progressions and Reb3l FIT and all the other fitness classes at Gym Reb3l follow this

When we tell people This Is The Last Fitness Plan You Will Ever Need... we are serious!

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