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Gym Reb3l and COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

With our Gym Reb3l studios currently closed for members we have been working with our governing bodies and also specialist cleaning companies to put plans in place for the safety of our personal trainers and clients

When the time comes to finally open our studios to current and new members you will have the confidence that all measures have been taken in accordance with the guidelines

When you first attend Gym Reb3l after the lockdown you will be taken through each of the appropriate steps so you, as a member of Gym Reb3l, will understand each process that applies to you


We have installed a specific walkway so you do not have any 'passing traffic' of members coming in and leaving the studios

We have installed individual hand sanitisers for Entry and also for Exit of Gym Reb3l

There are also additional hand sanitiser stations placed next to each training area for your convenience so you can use during your workouts at Gym Reb3l

Your personal trainer will also be wiping down equipment during your session before you use it and also after your use - we have specific cleaning products for this process

Your personal trainer will have a dedicated training space for you to use and all equipment needed will be bought to that area by your personal trainer

Each section has been measured out to 2m distance so there will be no cross-over with other clients or trainers

Staff will have access to PPE Face Masks which can be worn on the clients request

A full Risk Assessment has been completed at Gym Reb3l and will be used to continue our new policies in relation to Covid-19

We also have a specific cleaning process personal trainers will use between clients to ensure everything is kept to standard

What We Expect of our Clients

Please stay at home if you are sick, fever, temperature or have any symptoms relating to Covid-19 or if anyone in your household does

Follow the dedicated walkway as shown to you by your personal trainer on entry to the building

Make sure you use the dedicated hand sanitiser on entry and the separate one for exiting Gym Reb3l

Use the hand sanitisers during your time in the studios

Please ask your personal trainer if you are not sure about any of the new guidelines


When we are made aware of any necessary updates and changes to the policies of running our studios all members will be made aware via either email or text message and a notice will be placed in the reception area

Your personal trainer will also make you aware of any necessary changes on your following session

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