Who Is Gym Reb3l For?

❇️ Gym Reb3l Is For Women Who Want To Get CONTROL of Their Health and Fitness

❇️ Women Who Want To Lose Weight And Get The Body They Deserve

❇️ Professional Women Who Want To Eat The Foods They Love and STILL Maintain Their Amazing Shape

❇️ Dedicated Women Who Want The Confidence That Goes With Having The Body They Want

❇️ Motivated Women Who Know The Importance of Lifting Weights and Keeping FIT for Their Health

❇️ Committed Women Who Just Want To Be Happy

If you do not want any of this then Gym Reb3l is NOT for you!

fitness classes liverpool personal training


4 signature fitness classes that cover all aspects of HEALTH, STRENGTH, FITNESS and FAT LOSS to give you the perfect program to follow... just for you

fitness classes liverpool personal training

more energy

Nutritional plans and workouts that will INCREASE daily energy levels making you more energised, better concentration and more productive

fitness classes liverpool personal training

food's you love

Specific meal plans written by our personal trainers that not only get AMAZING results FAST but are also built around the foods you love

fitness classes liverpool personal training

burn the fat

Personalised food plans, detailed workouts programs, support from your personal trainer and workouts that keep you burning fat 24/7

What Your Membership To Gym Reb3l Includes

Unlimited Workouts

At Gym Reb3l our programs cover all aspects of getting you in to the best shape possible.

And you will get unlimited access to all our fitness classes

Strength, Cardio, Conditioning, Yoga and Mental Toughness are all challenged in our 4 signature classes

fitness classes liverpool personal training

fitness classes liverpool personal training

1-2-1 Coaching Calls

Whether its nutrition, lifestyle, goal setting or motivation

We offer all our members unlimited 1-2-1 coaching calls with our coaches to keep you on track and committed to your goals

Dedicated Lifestyle Coaching App

You will have complete access to the​​​​ coaching APP that takes clients through a complete 12-month lifestyle and goal setting coaching program

You can also access your recipes, meal plans and downloads through the APP to ensure you know exactly what to do each day

fitness classes liverpool personal training
fitness classes liverpool personal training

Goal Setting Planner

The Gym Reb3l online membership site has over 30 videos, downloads and resources to help you set out your intentions when you join Gym Reb3l

You will also have access to our Performance Planner that keeps ALL our members on track

Over 100 Recipes To Follow

Over 100 Recipes To Follow

Follow over 100 recipes to follow (including vegan) there is no chance you will get bored when committing to a healthier lifestyle

All recipes are macro and calorie counted to make tracking (if you choose to track) easier

Breakfasts, Snacks and Main Meals are covered to make it easy

fitness classes liverpool personal training
fitness classes liverpool personal training

24/7 Online Support Group

We have built an unrivalled support group for our members where our coaches upload constant content and hold Q and A's to keep you on track and focused on your goals

Lifestyle Coaching Course

People struggle with their initial goals because they cannot implement the habits needed to get there

With our dedicated Life Coaching modules in our online resource centre this is made possible to all our members

fitness classes liverpool personal training
fitness classes liverpool personal training

Detailed Food Plan

We offer flexible dieting options to our members as well as detailed food plans

Simply choose the type of diet you wish to follow and then use our meal planners to achieve your goals

Gym Reb3l Boutique Studios Location

Gym Reb3l South Liverpool

All 4 Signature Fitness Classes Available At This Location

Gym Reb3l North Liverpool

Reb3l Rumble, Reb3l FIT Available At This Location

About Gym Reb3l Studios

Gym Reb3l studios have dedicated areas for each of the programs we run

Meaning you will never be sharing space with a 'mash-up' of other activities

Dedicated Personal Training Area

Part of the service in personal training is to be in a private 1-2-1 atmosphere

At Gym Reb3l we have dedicated studios for our personal training programs meaning our personal trainers can work 1-2-1 with their clients and not having to share the space with other fitness classes

These areas are fully equipped with commercial strength training and cardiovascular equipment

No group sessions are classes take place in our personal training studio

Personal Training Consultation Area

Within Gym Reb3l we have private rooms with offices for your personal training consultation

This allows you to sit with your personal trainer and discuss in private what you want to achieve as well as be monitored weekly during your program

Orange Room

The Orange studio is our dedicated studio for the Reb3l FIT fitness classes

This studio is equipped with cardiovascular, free weights and TRX bands to be used in our Reb3l FIT workout

Night Club Room

Home of Reb3l Rumble and our dedicated boxing class area

Within this room you have your hanging bags and fully equipped with boxing related equipment to give you an amazing workout

Why We Do This

We understand the importance at Gym Reb3l of dedicated training areas and there is nothing worse than a personal training session happening with 10, 15, 20 other people flying around the gym involved in a group workout

It loses the emphasis of each session and and takes away what each element is about in the training programs

money back

30 day Guarantee

Risk free

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Our Personal Guarantee: This means if within the first 30-days of Gym Reb3l you have not made any progress through following our workouts and online resource centre we will give you a 100% refund and cancel your contract

We will also give you £100 for wasting your time (P.S: This never happens because your results will be incredible...)

FAQ's About Gym Reb3l

Are The Classes For All Fitness Levels?

All classes at Gym Reb3l are taught by personal trainers

Meaning, no matter what your current fitness levels are we can cater the class for you

This is what separates our classes from other fitness classes, in that they are all our own concepts and workouts

But they can be tailored to the individual to give them a personal training concept

At Gym Reb3l all our program will help you with weight management (lose or gain) as well as helping you to develop your health and fitness levels

Do not worry if you have never trained before or for a long time

Our personal trainers take care of members on a 1-2-1 (even in class settings) take make sure you get the most out of your fitness classes or personal training sessions.

If you are someone who is thinking 'I Need to get fitter then please don't

This is our job and the job of the personal trainers

It is like saying you need to learn to drive before having your first lesson... it makes no sense

Can I Use Any Gym Reb3l?

Your membership entitles you to use the club you joined and if you want to move between clubs you must join each club individually

Do You Offer 1-2-1 Personal Training?

Gym Reb3l was built by UK Personal Trainer of the Year Matt Ibbs

  • Your Membership
  • Your 24/7 Support
  • Your Online Resource Centre
  • Your Support Groups
  • Your Monthly Coaching Call

EVERYTHING... we offer at Gym Reb3l is what you would get from a personal training program

But... some people would prefer to work with a personal trainer on a 1-2-1 and may also be working towards something specific or injury related rehab

With the background of Gym Reb3l we know how important it is to have a Dedicated Personal Training Area

And not one where you are crowded by full classes or other gym members

Our personal training area is fully equipped and at Gym Reb3l you have access to the best personal trainers in your area

All personal training programs start with a 1-2-1 strategy session which you can book

Personal training is one of the fastest ways to get results and working directly with a personal trainer on a 1-2-1 basis is something that a lot of people thrive from

You can book your first consultation with one of our personal trainers or speak with us direct when you book your first workout

Are Your Programs Just For Weight Loss?

Weight loss is a huge part of what we achieve at Gym Reb3l

But the main focus on all our programs is to cover the 3 elements

Fat Loss
Cardiovascular Fitness
Increased Muscle Tone

All of our programs are focused to help our members achieve this alongside the nutritional plans we offer

Whether you do want to lose weight or to look at the overall picture of changing your body shape and increase your fitness levels Gym Reb3l has it covered

Just remember: You are working with a personal trainer through our fitness programs and your results are determined not only by your workouts but by your nutritional program too

And our personal trainers will work with you through our nutritional coaching to get you the results you want and deserve

Is This Just Like Other Fitness Classes?


Gym Reb3l and its classes are like no other classes you will try

We have covered the core concepts of what it takes for YOU to get in to shape and put these together to create our 3 signature classes

Each class can then be tailored to the individual to ensure they get the maximum amount of results from each session

Add to the the support and online packages you get and you have yourself a complete personal training package

Trial our classes and you will see from our workouts that we are nothing like you will find in your area

Our workouts are structured and get amazing results in just a short space of time

This is the best workout and the last workout program you will ever need

Do I Have To Come To 5 Classes Per Week?

We understand that sometimes life, family, work and other commitments can take over

And that committing to 3-4 sessions a week is just not possible

In our members area we have express workouts you can follow that take no longer than 20-minutes to complete and can be done at home

You also have access to our 1-2-1 coaching calls meaning that no matter what gets thrown at you, you have the support to keep on track and get the results you want

Sometimes it can be tough to find the time to work out

Which is why alongside your membership you get 1-2-1 coaching support from our personal trainers

During this support program you can work with one of our coaches over the phone who will keep you on track with your program and set workouts for you to do outside the session if you are away with work or struggling for time to come to the workouts

Sometimes that busy lifestyle just gets in the way

And this is what Gym Reb3l is all about... helping you to get the balance and get control

Can I Pay As I Go?

Unfortunately not

At Gym Reb3l, just like you demand results, we demand commitment

We are not here to be like other fitness classes where it doesn't matter if you miss weeks of training at a time

We have set up a whole support network and resource centre, alongside our classes that will get you unbelievable results

This really will be the last gym program you need to finally get the results you have wanted

And to do this we need your commitment so you can work with our personal trainers

With this in mind it does not make sense to run PAYG classes where there is no commitment and the focus is just on 'hoping' that people turn up

Commitment = Unbelievable Results

Do You Have Female Personal Trainers Available?

We have both male personal trainers and female personal trainers available at Gym Reb3l

Our personal trainers not only take the 1-2-1 personal training sessions but also the fitness classes too

If you are looking to work 1-2-1 with a female personal trainer we can book that for you

Or if you would prefer a male personal trainer we can do that too

Please let us know on your initial consultation that you would prefer to work with a female personal trainer and we can arrange that for you

Are Your Personal Trainers Qualified and Insured?

All personal trainers at Gym Reb3l are fully qualified personal trainers

They all have their own private personal training insurance too (Public Liability) and are fully insured and qualified to teach the programs they do

If you are looking for a fully qualified personal trainer our personal trainers will show you evidence of their qualifications as well as their insurance for piece of mind

Are You A Gym?

Gym Reb3l is not a commercial gym so you are unable to pay and use the gym area

Our classes are taken by personal trainers and the gym area is only for 1-2-1 personal training

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