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It Is Time To Unroll Your Yoga Mat, Open Up To The Music And Release Your Potential…

Yoga has incredible benefits for the mind and body but for some people the ‘ommm’ and ‘hippy side’ of Yoga can put people off. What should be a class of relaxation and mindfulness can quickly turn in to nervous or awkward laughing and you end up leaving without ever really getting the benefits.

If you are like us at Gym Reb3l, you love Yoga. You love the stretching, the mobility it gives you and the way it compliments your day to day life but sitting in a room of complete silence or chanting ‘to the gong’ can be a real put off.

At Gym Reb3l we have taken the concepts of traditional yoga classes and turn our yoga studio in Liverpool in to an area of upbeat yoga classes where we mix yoga with music.

And not just random music tracks.

The Reb3l Yoga classes we run use specially crafted music tracks to complement our yoga classes and mix; R ‘n’ B, Soul. Pop and Trance tracks to complement our yoga classes.

You can now get the benefits of Yoga, de stress, clear your mind, improve your mobility and strengthen your core but to more upbeat yoga classes where we swap the ‘ommm’ for music.

Our Dedicated Reb3l Yoga Studio Liverpool, has all you need for an amazing class

And at Gym Reb3l we want to let you come and sample our Reb3l Yoga for free. All you have to do is simply click the button below and download our classes timetable app by following the instructions.

Once you have registered simply claim your free membership and come and trial a full Reb3l Yoga class at our yoga studio Liverpool, in the Matchworks, Liverpool (L19).

In our Reb3l Yoga classes we only allow a maximum of 12 clients per class. This is so our yoga instructor can give you the attention needed to ensure you get a complete yoga workout.

It does not matter what you level of ability or yoga experience is as at Reb3l Yoga we accommodate all levels.

If you have any injuries or anything that may affect your ability for full range of motion then our Reb3l Yoga instructor will give you variations on the program to ensure you can complete the class and as a newbie to Reb3l Yoga classes there is nothing more satisfying than seeing yourself develop and progress through the yoga classes.

Bring A Friend to Our Reb3l Yoga Classes Liverpool

We know how much you are going to love our new yoga classes and we encourage you to share this with a friend or family member.

Gym Reb3l thrives on creating a community of like-minded people who all want to boost their health and fitness and enjoy life. That is why we have a huge community and a monthly social calendar for members.

By bringing friends and family to our Reb3l Yoga classes you are not only giving them the benefits of Yoga but opening them up to a community of people all striving for the same goals.

Claim your free Reb3l Yoga class now by simply clicking the button below and following the instructions. yoga classes liverpool


Do You Offer Other Yoga Classes in Liverpool?

We only offer our Reb3l Yoga class and currently have no plans to offer silent, traditional yoga classes – or hot yoga for that matter. We will leave those for the other yoga studios in Liverpool to do and we will focus on what we are good at which is creating an amazing, up beat training environment for people who love to exercise and improve themselves.

Does It Matter If I Haven’t Been To A Yoga Class Before?

Not at all. Our Reb3l Yoga classes are taught by Liverpool’s best Yoga teachers and therefore we can offer an all level class.

It doesn’t matter one bit what your current yoga experience or mobility is as our Reb3l Yoga teacher will give you the right exercises choices for your current level. That is also why our Reb3l Yoga classes are only for a maximum of 12 people as this allows us to give you maximum attention during your Reb3l Yoga class.

What Do I Need to Bring to Reb3l Yoga?

Just You!! You can bring your own yoga mat is you wish and some water but we can provide you with yoga mats and we also have a drinks machine where you can purchase bottles of water from.

Can I Pay for My Reb3l Yoga Class on The Day?

Your first Reb3l Yoga class is free.

You can claim for free by following the instructions on the APP but you must book future Reb3l Yoga classes via the APP.

This is because we have a strict cap on the number of clients we allow in to our Reb3l Yoga class so you must book through our APP to avoid disappointment.

You can Pay as You Go for our Reb3l Yoga or you can block book some yoga sessions or pay monthly and get access to all our classes at Gym Reb3l.

How Do I Join Reb3l Yoga?

As mentioned above you must download the APP and book through there.

If you are having any trouble booking your Reb3l Yoga classes then you can call our studio mobile number (07710 448 273) and we will be able to help you but please book through the APP when possible to avoid disappointment.

If you just turn up to one of our Reb3l Yoga classes we can’t guarantee you a space and priority is always given to those who have booked via our app.

Reb3l Yoga Liverpool: Please view our app for our yoga class timetable

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