Gym Reb3l: Why Calorie Counting Might Not Work For You

Have you ever started a diet plan and thought ‘I am not going to be able to do this’?

Or have you ever been following a diet and thought ‘This just isn’t right for me’

Let me let you in on a secret

You are probably right on both counts

When you hire a personal trainer, you are doing so under 2 reasons

  • Because you need help
  • Because you want something designed for you

Working 1-2-1 with a personal trainer should allow both

So, what does this have to do with counting calories or macros (carbohydrates, proteins and fats)?

Since 2015 macro counting (carbs, proteins and fats) has become more mainstream and more and more personal trainers are putting their clients through this process

And ignoring the fact most personal trainers advertise this as a ‘science’ the truth is most clients struggle to follow this system

The stress of weighing your food

Scanning everything you eat

And hitting your daily targets means that most clients will dip in and out of this process and very few will see it through

In my experience of working with clients more clients are likely to hit total daily calories rather than macros – but this still doesn’t solve the problem

And today I want to simply share with you

Why Calorie Counting Might Not Work For You

The Simplicity of Weight Loss

Weight loss is simply – calories in -v- calories out

It is that simple

Take in less than you need, and you will lose weight

Take in more and you will gain weight

So, to ask clients to track calories or macros makes sense

But here is the problem

There must be over 20+ formula’s for working out someone’s calories

Then you have the problem that most of these formulas are worked on the average person

So, who is the average person?

5ft 5?

5ft 3?

5ft 7?

Works 40 hours a week?

Doesn’t work?

Then you have the problem of genetics

People do not burn calories at the same rate

So, when you see these classes or personal trainers saying you will burn X amount of calories

This is a lie

So, what they do instead is say… Burn UP TO X amount of calories

There is no way for a personal trainer to tell you how many calories you will burn in each session

Most formulas will take your age, weight, rough average of your activity level and then work from there

Some will also take in to consideration body fat

But the truth is these formulas are all theory

Because no one can predict how efficiently your body will burn calories

The Smart Personal Trainers

Now… here is the golden ticket for you

If you are lucky enough to work with a personal trainer who understands this

Who understands that when you cook a piece of chicken you change the calories and macros make up

Who understands that when you exercise he/she can only take a rough guess on the calories you burn

Then you are lucky 🙂

Because these smart personal trainers will do what all smart personal trainers do

And give you a guide

Then will give you a rough figure to target

And then make adjustments along the way

The won’t be dumb and say ‘These are your exact calories/macros to hit’

Because they are smart

They will say

‘Let us start with this and I will monitor over the next X weeks’

Because they are smart

They don’t want to lie to you…

Why Calorie Counting Might Not Work for You

Dieting to lose fat is hard enough

And for some people adding to the stress of weighing all their food and tracking it can be too much

But for most the problem is very simple

They just don’t want to do it for the rest of their life

Personal training is a very simple concept

To give you the tools to be able to make the right adjustments to your lifestyle and habits to continue getting the results you want

If these results are reliant on your counting calories and tracking your food everyday then for most people, this chore is too much and not sustainable

This is where your personal trainer needs to step in

A smart personal trainer will get you to keep a food diary

Or just log your food in an app

Then they will use the to work out roughly your daily intake

And overtime will make small, manageable adjustments

This way ensuring that the changes you make are successful

The dumb personal trainer won’t get this

They will set you targets

Get you signed up to MyFitnessPal and then moan at you because you don’t hit your targets

Or because you haven’t tracked your food

And rather than sit with you and work out a solution

They will tell you ‘It is easy… just do it’

At Gym Reb3l we have 3 main phases of nutrition

Which each phase designed to move clients through a simple process of understanding nutritional and making it work for them

By moving through the 3 phases you are then able to establish a plan that works for you

If calorie counting isn’t working for you

Then it makes no sense to keep doing it

All you’re doing is stressing yourself out

No matter how easy your personal trainers, friends or work colleagues tells you it is

If it doesn’t work for you then move on find the right solution

Which leads me back to this

Finding the Best Personal Trainer

No with my complete biased head on

At Gym Reb3l

Our personal trainers understand this

They understand what personal training means and the concepts of treating each client individually

How your progress is not all the same

How your current habits are not the same

How you adjustment to change isn’t the same

These simple steps are all crucial in your success

And is why if you really want to work with a personal trainer who understand this then the best personal trainers in Liverpool to make this happen are at Gym Reb3l

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