Now Is the Time to Crack the Weight Loss Code

At Gym Reb3l we have crafted together a specific weight loss plan that gets you incredible results

A plan that allows you to take away the guesswork and work specifically with one of our personal trainers who will monitor and progress your plan specifically for you

And to prove our results we want you to test run a 30-day plan

In those 30-days you can expect to lose up to 14lbs (1 stone) through a combination of our Semi Private Coaching Programs and your Unlimited Fitness Class Pass

If the belief of losing weight is just as simple as eating less and moving more then why is 53% of women and 64% of men in the UK obese?

The truth is it is not that simple

If it was that simple then the women who are trying to lose weight through slimming clubs, gyms and fitness classes would be doing so with ease

At Gym Reb3l we understand how hard it is for people to lose weight and we know the frustration, anger and disappointment it can bring

Women get to a point where they reach breaking point and enter the ‘This is my last attempt’ zone

And it is not their fault

Just a search of Google for ‘Weight Loss’ will reveal a flood of answers

It is confusing

To some people losing weight doesn’t sound like a big deal, but for most women it is and at Gym Reb3l we understand the need to help these women

How The 30-Day Slim Down Challenge Works

#1 Personalised Training Program 

The secret to your success in the gym comes simply down to CONSISTENCY

The results you have so far are a result of what you have consistently done. Whether that is the right or wrong things it doesn’t matter

At Gym Reb3l the first part of your 30Day Slim Down Challenge is to craft together a personalised workout program for you

You will have a 1-2-1 consultation with one of our personal trainers who will go through your exercise/nutrition history and plan your goals for the program.

There are other elements covered but at the end of this consultation you will be given a 30-day fitness plan to follow

All our workouts are programmed in to our APP that you get free access too so when you come in to the studio you can track your workout through that

Your personal trainer will then monitor and progress your workouts each session to ensure you stay on track and progress

This is the first element of consistency you need in place

#2 Shred Fast Weight Loss Plan

The second element of consistency relates to your eating habits

At Gym Reb3l we are different

We don’t promote a ‘1 Diet Fits All’ plan

Your nutritional plan is specific to you

During your initial consultation with one of our personal trainers we will be asking you about your diet history, any plans you have followed and your beliefs about diet

From this we are then able to set you a specific, personalised weight loss plan to follow over the next 30-days

This is specific to you and will be monitored weekly by your personal trainer

Any changes needed during the plan will be adjusted accordingly, with the end goal to help you establish eating habits that fit with your lifestyle and needs

One of the reason so many people fail at losing weight is because they do not set up a realistic plan to follow

A combination of shakes, fasting, pills, clubs and other depriving factors contribute to a failed plan and at Gym Reb3l we send a very clear message

It Doesn’t Have to Be Like That

Our food plans help you get the results you want without having to give up the foods (and drink) you love

We are creating a LIFESTLYE diet specific to you so you lose weight… and more importantly… KEEP IT OFF

#The Community

Surrounding yourself with life minded people who are all desperate for similar results is key to your success

Not only will you have the knowledge and guidance of your personal trainer but you will also have the support of the members at Gym Reb3l who are all on their own fitness journey and ready to help you with yours

Alongside the studio programs we also organise monthly events for members so you get to meet new people and have fun!


The Results Are Amazing In Just 30-Days…

100% 5* Reviews on Google

5* Reviews on Facebook Too

What Happens When You Join Our Plan

With our 30-Day Slim Down Challenge we want you to see how good we are and how we can help you get the weight loss results you want

Your Gym Reb3l Personal Trainer will work with you and coach you through each element of your plan to ensure you stay on track and get the results you want

There are 3-steps we follow for you to join the program

Step 1: Complete the Application Form

Once you have put your name and email address in to the forms on this page and click ‘Join Today’ you will be taken to an application form

This form will ask you a few basic questions about your goals for the program and what you have tried before to reach these goals

The reason for this is so our personal trainers have a rough idea of your exercise history before you come in for the consultation

The application form will take about 2-3 minutes to complete and once this is done one of our personal trainers will give you a call to book you in for your initial consultation

Step 2: The Consultation

The consultation will last for around 45-60 minutes and will involve you answer questions on’ exercise history, injuries, past injuries, medical conditions, medication… all the formalities you would expect when joining a gym

We will then go through 2 main sections in the consultation



By far these 2 elements is where most people make the mistake(s)

At Gym Reb3l our goal is to build a long-term, sustainable health and fitness plan that fits around your (and your family) lifestyle

We will look at what you have tried in the past, and why you feel this didn’t work

Any dietary requirements you may have

Your current eating habits and beliefs

And from this we will start to structure together a food plan for you to follow

The second element is your lifestyle

We hear the work ‘Balance’ bounded around the weight loss industry so many times.

But what people don’t understand is ‘Balance’ is different for everyone

A stay at home mum with children to look after will have a different lifestyle to someone who works in an office 40+ hours a week

So, building ‘balance’ for these two types of people would be completely different

And this is what we do well at Gym Reb3l

Our personal trainers will craft together a nutrition, exercise and lifestyle program that fits in with your needs

Everything is structured to allow you the freedom to continue what is important but to also get amazing results

And this is one of the main reasons we like to offer you the 30-Day Slim Down Challenge, so you can see exactly how we do this and why it works so well

The consultation is also where you will make the £99 payment for the 30-Day Slim Down Challenge Plan

Step 3: Start Training

After the consultation your personal trainer will upload your nutritional and workout plans to our APP

The APP can be used on both Andriod and IPhone

The APP is where you log and monitor your workouts when you are in the Gym Reb3l studio

Your personal trainer will then monitor and progress these before each session to ensure you are on track

The APP will also be used to log your food for that day and again, your personal trainer will make changes where necessary

The 30-Day Slim Down Challenge is part of our Semi Private Coaching program meaning you will be training with 3-5 other people on the same course

Each of your workouts will be different as they are specific to you and there will be a personal trainer taking each of the sessions so you are not left alone

This program is 100% monitored by one of our personal trainers so you can feel at ease that during each workout you will be coached and helped throughout the plan

What to Do Now

We know at Gym Reb3l how losing weight can be frustrating, especially when it feels like the scales just never seem to move no matter what you do

And when you only want to lose a few pounds too this can be equally as frustrating

This is why at Gym Reb3l we offer you an initial trial of just 30-days on to our 30-Day Slim Down Challenge program

You have finally found a solution that works and continues to work for 100’s of women across Liverpool who want to lose weight

You can click back through to Google and continue searching or you can take the first and hardest step and complete our application form to the program

Just type your name and email address in to any of the boxes above or go straight to the top of the page and click ‘Claim Your Offer’ and you are ready to join the plan

Once you have joined the plan you will have a personalised workout and nutritional plan specific to your lifestyle designed by fully qualified personal trainers at Gym Reb3l

There is no more guesswork or searching for the right formula – you have found it here with Gym Reb3l 30-Day Slim Down Challenge

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