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The Programs We Offer at Gym Reb3l

When looking to hire a personal trainer or join a fitness class in Liverpool you have so many options.

And at Gym Reb3l we can a lot of enquiries for our programs and people wanting more information.

So, we have put together a guide on the programs we offer and how each of them work.

Plus, how you can claim your free personal training session in Liverpool as well as a free fitness class.

At Gym Reb3l we focus on helping people to;

Lose Weight

Drop Inches

Feel Amazing

That is our primary focus and we offer this through a selection of programs.

Each of our programs are structured to meet your current levels of fitness and mobility.

All our class are run by personal trainers, so if there is anything they need to adapt or progress for you, they will do so during the session or class.

The programs we offer at Gym Reb3l are:

1-2-1 Personal Training

Semi Private Personal Training (3-5 people)

Group Fitness Classes

These 3 programs form the core of our service and is what is helping so many people in Liverpool to get in shape and lose weight.

Here is a guide to each program and how they will work for you.

If you are looking for weight loss help in Liverpool or you just want to join a fitness program to help you tone up then have a read through our programs and you can see exactly how we can help you with this.

1-2-1 Personal Training Programs

Working with a personal trainer is one of the quickest ways to get the results you want.

But at Gym Reb3l we have a strict procedure that has allowed us to get phenomenal results with our clients and not only helps them to lose weight, but also increase mobility and stay injury free.

Before you can have your personal training session at Gym Reb3l you will initially come in for a consultation with one of our personal trainers.

In this consultation, the trainer will be getting an overview of your exercise, nutrition and health history.

They will be finding out what you have tried in the past to get the results you want.

Why you think this has not worked for you

They will be looking at your lifestyle and how they can plan the program around this and look at family commitments too.

There is a whole host of elements that make a personal training program specific to you.

And if you do go somewhere else in Liverpool for personal training and they simply chuck you straight in to a workout…. Avoid them!!

From your consultation, you will then be booked in with our Physiotherapist in Liverpool for your movement screening.

In this assessment, the physiotherapist will look for:


Muscle Imbalances


Potential Injury

From this the physio will then write a report for your personal trainer and this is then the frame work on what your program is built on.

During your program, you will be reassessed by the physio to show improvements and to also progress your program foundations.

After your physio assessment, you will then be taken through the report by your personal trainer and taken in to the studio to go through the foundation work you need to do in your warm up and program to correct, progress them report.

Finally, you will then sit with your personal trainer and go over your nutritional plans and how they will work.

You will be taken through each step and shown how to log and progress them through our APP and how your trainer will monitor this.

And from this process you are then good to go for your first personal training session.

Semi Private Personal Training

Now you have read 1-2-1 personal training go and re read it…

As Semi Private Personal Training is the same except that your sessions are not 1-2-1 with a personal trainer.

You will be in a session with 3-5 other people.

But, your program will be individualised to you and while you may be working out alongside others you will not all be doing the same workout.

The workouts for this are also monitored through the APP.

Semi Private Personal Training is a way for people to work with a personal trainer at a lower cost.

With our Semi Private Personal Training plans you can work together with friends or family or, we can out you in a group with clients too.

Group Fitness Programs.

At Gym Reb3l we have 2 dedicated fitness studios we have built.

1 is for personal training and the other is for our Group Fitness Classes.

The classes are run by our personal trainers and are for between 10-16 people maximum.

This depends on the class running at the time.

The fitness classes we offer are

Reb3l Yoga

Reb3l FIT

Pads and Abs



All these classes can be adapted to your current levels of ability so please do not think that as a beginner of someone who has never exercised before you will be unable to do this.

This is not true

Our personal trainers will adapt the movement where necessary for you to be able to complete the class.

If you are new to fitness and maybe lack a little confidence we also have our Reb3l Kick Start Plan.

This is designed for people who either

Have never trained before

Have previously trained but lack the confidence to go back to the gym

The Reb3l Kick Start Plan is held in small groups of 3-5 people and is a 4-week plan where you will be taken through




You can get more about Reb3l Kick Start by clicking the link below

Reb3l Kick Start <<< Click

If you are looking for weight loss help in Liverpool or just wanting to try something new then at Gym Reb3l we have all the programs you need to have an amazing experience and workout.

Our focus is on creating a FUN, ENERGETIC and amazing EXPERIENCE for all our members through each of our programs.

We would love for you to come and trial any of our programs and all you need to do is simply complete either of the boxes for the program you want to trial or if you want to come and have a FREE FITNESS CLASS then simply >>> CLICK HERE <<<

If you are not sure which program is best for you and you want to find out more information.

Simply click the heading below  ‘Weight Loss Help in Liverpool’ and have a read of our blog and get other weight loss, fitness, nutrition tips so you can understand how we coach and how we can help you with your health and fitness goals.

Weight Loss Help in Liverpool