Gym Reb3l: The Best 4-Week Diet Plan


Are You Desperate to Stop the Yo-Yo Dieting, Fad Pills, Pointless Class and Constant Disappointment of Promise Made by All These Companies?

Everyone knows how to diet… well they think they do.

If you tell anyone you are about to go on a diet to lose weight their response is

‘All you need to do is…’

‘I would recommend…’

‘It is easier if…’

‘My friend lost 10lbs in 4 weeks on….’

You are swamped with advice on what is the best diet to do to lose weight.

No wonder people are confused. It is a minefield.

What If I Could Promise You There Was a Solution

What if I could tell you there is a solution to your diet worries and that we here at Gym Reb3l have crafted a diet plan that incorporates your lifestyle, commitments and previous history in to account.

Giving you the most complete weight loss plan you can do.

Imagine never failing at a diet again

Can you imagine how amazing it would feel to know that every food you eat, every exercise you do and every lifestyle choice you make will be specific to you on your diet plan.

Imagine knowing that no matter what you do you will never fail at this plan long-term because all potential outcomes have been covered in your personally crafted lifestyle manual.

If You Are Looking for A Long-Lasting Change

Losing weight can be as simple as dropping your carbohydrate in take for a few days. But for most this is not the long-term answer nor is it sustainable for long-term results.

And it is short term thinking like this that causes so much frustration and failure when trying to lose weight.

Your Habits Create Your Results

At Gym Reb3l we use a ‘Habit Based’ coaching approach. Which means we look at the habits that have caused you to gain weight and then replace these over a period of time.

Do not be fooled in to thinking that the habits that cause weight gain are simply eating certain types of food.

There can be many factors in your lifestyle, food, exercise, mind-set that can cause weight gain.

And we look to un-program these through our best-selling plan

Introducing Our Reb3l Kick Start Plan

Our Reb3l Kick Start plan is designed for

Anyone who has never exercised before and not found a diet that works for them

Anyone who has been to a gym before but is a little intimidated and lacking confidence about going again

If you fall in to either of those categories and want to;

Lose Weight

Find a Plan That Works for You

Train with Like Minded People

And can commit to 2 workouts per week.

Then this is for you.

The Best 4-Week Diet Plan For Long-Term Results?

We have taken the 4 core principles of weight loss and encapsulated them in to a 4-week plan.

Over the course of the 4-weeks you will cover





These core principles are the foundations of any successful weight loss program and over the course of the 4-weeks we will be installing these in to your new plan. 

Why This Plan Is Right for You

The Reb3l Kick Start Plan is an individualised program.

The exercises you do

The foods you eat

Your lifestyle

Your mind-set

It is all personal to you and over the course of the 4 weeks we look to implement habits that benefit the 4 core principles.

The one size fits all to dieting and weight loss does not work.

Most personal trainers or slimming clubs will simply give you a list of foods or a calorie or macro number to track in MyFitnessPal or something similar and the unfortunate truth is most people fail at this.

By working on a program over 4-weeks you can learn what works best for you and your lifestyle and what is realistic in your approach.

By the end of the 4-weeks you will have a concrete, goal orientated plan that you can follow, monitor and progress to achieve your results.

You will be taught how to implement health, long-term habits at your own pace to ensure they stick and you continue to get results.

Everything is implemented at your own pace meaning what you do will work long-term.

Most people make the mistake of trying to do everything at once and while for a small percentage this will work for weight loss, for most it doesn’t and this is why so many people fail to get the weight loss results they want.

How to Join the Reb3l Kick Start Plan

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