Gym Reb3l: Summer workout planner

It’s summer. You’re probably busy- juggling, life, work, kids, and anything in between. You want to work out, but you find it hard to make time and organise yourself. Well, look no further! We are here to give our top tips for when it comes to sticking to your own summer workout planner! Oh, and we’ve also created a downloadable calendar to print off just for you!

Your workout calendar helps you organise yourself

Like we mentioned at the beginning, life can get pretty hectic in the summer which can be a pain if you’re looking to get that summer body that you’ve always wanted. It can often be a reoccurring thing to just brush off a workout and say, “I’ll head to the gym sometime today,” or, “I’ll head to a fitness class sometime next week.” And you can guarantee that nine times out of ten, you don’t end up doing that workout. And so the cycle continues. The best part about keeping an exercise planner is making your fitness regime an “appointment.” Just like you would going to the doctors, or going on that lunch date with a friend. Make it a fundamental part of your week, and stick to it. A workout calendar helps to keep you on track- no more excuses. You’re never “too busy.”

It can help track your achievements

Do you want to know what the best part of working out is? Smashing your goals, and pushing yourself to do better and be better. For example, if you really work hard and stick to a schedule, where you’re at now probably won’t be where you’ll be at in three months time. That’s because you’ll be improving all the time. Doing better, and being better. Start to keep track of your body weight and overall measurements. You’ll thank yourself for it when you begin to see improvement.

You’ll stay on track

It’s all well and good saying you want to strive for a summer body, but if you aren’t consistent and you only go to the gym twice in three months, that realistically isn’t going to happen. A workout planner enables you to stay on track (not only for your goals), but also when it comes to keeping up your fitness regime. You are more likely to see a transformation if you keep working hard and give yourself a schedule to stick to. The best part about a workout schedule is that it works around your needs and your hectic lifestyle. It helps keep you driven, motivated, and most importantly make you happier and healthier.

And finally…

So… you want to keep a summer workout planner, but you don’t know where to get one from? No worries! We’ve put together our very own workout planners just for you to download and print today! With the planner months ranging from June – September, this planner is a perfect way to get you through summer fitness. Use it to stick on your fridge, keep in your diary or even to put in a frame! Don’t forget to keep this planner in plain sight so you don’t deter from your goals. Good luck!


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