GYM REB3L: Summer weight loss secrets

GYM REB3L is here to share our top Summer weight loss secrets! Summer is only 4 weeks away, which can be pretty daunting if you made a promise to yourself to get that summer body that you’ve always dreamt of. However, the key is remembering that it is never too late to start your fitness campaign. Summer, or winter, your body will love you for it.

So you’ve booked your holiday, you know that you want to loose weight… but how? Find a personal trainer to get started. Here at GYM REB3L, we offer 1 – 2 – 1 personal training sessions suited to you and your needs, *wink, wink.* We also offer a 30 day slim down challenge that is perfect for summer, and how could we leave out our 21 day FREE workout?

Make minimal changes

Remember to make small changes and stick to realistic goals. You don’t want to overpower yourself with fitness goals that is unhealthy to achieve in such a small space of time. One goal may be removing fizzy drinks from your daily life. Building up a healthier intake will become beneficial for you and your summer body. As well as having your personal trainer advise you on your dietary requirements, setting yourself small, valuable goals will end up being beneficial for you.

Change starts now!

At the same time as going to see your personal trainer and setting yourself goals, why not also start working out at home on the side? Change starts now, regardless of where you may be. Here at GYM REB3L, we also offer demonstrations of our workouts via our YouTube channel. This means that you are able to workout and pursue your fitness regime in your own time, and at the comfort of your own home in between going to the gym.

And finally, why not have a look at the outdoor bootcamp that we have for the summer? Starting the 28th May, you can get into shape with some of the very best! Click here to register!

Remember that change starts now… with you Use Summer as a way to motivate and drive you to become the you that you’ve always aspired to become.