Gym Reb3l: Summer gear guide

Would it really be summer if you didn’t treat yourself to some new gym gear to get you pumped and motivated? We’ve come up with our own summer gear guide to get you, and your body, officially summer ready!

Water- stay hydrated!

Probably one of the most basic gym necessities is having key hydration- however it’s still essential. In fact, nearly two thirds of our body is water- so maintaining that, especially when you work-out, is key. Make sure to drink water before you workout, and adding in a small squeeze of lemon helps stimulate the bowels so you feel more comfortable in your fitness routine.

Phone armband

Picture this. After a successful day at the gym, you decide to go on an evening run while it’s still warm and light outside. You need something to hold your phone in place while you listen to some music… and that’s where the phone armband comes in. At the end of the day, no one wants to be trying to shove their phone, keys and earphones in their lycra leggings do they?

The key to any summer gear guide: sunscreen

Yes, I know. It’s one summer essential anyway, but there’s nothing worse than doing your workouts outside in the heat and ending the day with a nasty burn around that new gym top you treated yourself to. We also have the best sunscreens for each sporting occasion thanks to Women’s Health. When out jogging, you need a sunscreen that won’t turn greasy when you sweat. This makes Clarins (UV Plus Anti-Pollution Day Screen SPF50) perfect for this occasion! We also have our very own women’s Boot Camp coming up this summer which makes the La Roche-Posay Anthelios Sun Cream Body Spray SPF50 a perfect match. So when you’re getting your smashing your summer weight loss campaign, you aren’t worrying about those nasty summer burns!

Good workout shoes

Make sure to purchase some gym trainers that are most suited to your workouts. For example when lifting weights, invest in some shoes that help you drive your heel through the floor. Normal “all-rounder” trainers tend to keep your weight too far forward which isn’t ideal. Another example would be purchasing trainers that provide enough stability when taking part in group activity classes. This helps when doing lunges, whilst also being flexible enough in the grooved forefoot for quick agility movements.

Workout music is an essential

It’s 2018, and music streaming platforms are arguably bigger now than they’ve ever been. Use them to your advantage! Sites such as, Spotify and Apple Music often have their own workout playlists to help you get pumped and motivated. Get yourself in your own head space, and let the music do the rest. Research suggests that listening to music when working out distracts you from “bodily awareness,” increasing your athletic performance by up to 15%! Music also helps to improve your effort at the gym. According to a 2010 study, cyclists worked harder listening to faster, upbeat music compared to slow tempo music.

Treat yourself to some post-workout snacks

Yes, that’s right. Another essential post workout is getting your energy back in the best form possible- food. However, I’m not talking about junk food, add some nuts and fruit into your diet. Keep it simple. The protein from nuts also helps with muscle recovery. According to Andrea Rogers, a certified Pilates instructor and creator of Xtend Barre, a peanut butter and banana smoothie is also a winner post-workout. This snack is said to be packed full of protein which helps to provide long-lasting energy. A touch of cinnamon also helps to control your blood sugars so you’re more awake post workout!

And finally, your number one essential is motivation! A summer weight loss campaign is as good a weight loss campaign as any! The weather is amazing, the sun is out, and you’re determined to become the you that you’ve always aspired to be. Good luck!