GYM REB3L: Summer exercises you NEED in your life

It’s warm outside. You want to get your summer exercises in, but you can’t always make it to the gym. We know the struggle. Which is why here at Gym Reb3l, we have put together some fitness exercises that you can do from home to get that lean, fit and healthy summer body.

For the first workout, we have put together a 12 minute abs blast. This helps to work your core in order to get that “show off stomach.”

Next up is a short workout which ensures that you get that amazing “bubble butt” for summer. We all aspire for our own version of a “dream summer body,” and this tutorial shows you just how you can achieve that!

We next have a video that demonstrates how you can get a flatter stomach and tone your abs. One of our personal trainers, Luke, also shows you how to do leg raisers which not only tones your lower abs, but also makes you feel amazing!

Next up we have a demonstration which involves the leg press machine. This not also helps give you lean legs for summer, but also works the butt area as well. This machine helps to mimic squatting- but the  key is not to load on too much weight!

And finally we have a quick fire leg exercise. What’s even better about this exercise is that it is guaranteed to make you feel amazing just in time for summer!