Reb3l Yoga at Gym Reb3l

‘A 45-minute yoga class that incorporates all the benefits of tradition yoga but with a background mix of R ‘n’ B, Trance, Soul and Pop… are you ready to come on the Reb3l Yoga journey?’

At Gym Reb3l we LOVE yoga…

The increased mobility and flexibility that now helps us with lifting weights and squatting etc

The chance to unwind and relax through the guided meditation

And the importance of feeling better and more mobile

But we also like to have a little bit of fun…

Which is why Reb3l Yoga is different to other yoga classes you might go to in Liverpool

We have taken all the core principles of Yoga

But rather than play the traditional yoga music

We have had mixes of R ‘n’ B, Trance, Soul and Pop created to give you an upbeat yoga class that gives you all the benefits of yoga, but without the ‘ommmmmm’

When you are ready to take the 45-minute Reb3l Yoga journey just click ‘Book Now’ below and take your first class in to this new Yoga experience in Liverpool

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