let’s get ready to………….. rumbleeeeeeeee

‘A 45-minute test of endurance, speed, strength and will power in this complete boxing workout that will have you sweating, swearing and loving life’

The ‘love/hate’ class at Gym Reb3l that allows you to get rid of all your frustration and stress by punching and kicking bags and pads to an upbeat workout mix

There is nothing quite like letting out all your frustration and as one client put it ‘punching pads and imagining that one person i hate’ at Reb3l Rumble

Now while for some people this might just be an amazing workout, this is your chance to come and burn an increadible amount of calories in a fun, testing workout

Reb3l Rumble is for all levels and the combinations you learn are based at your own pace

You will be taught the basics of;

  • Stance
  • Footwork
  • Jabs
  • Cross
  • Hooks
  • Upper Cuts

From there we will put together combinations throughout this workout for you to just ‘let go’ and and immerse yourself in the music and workout

There is no other boxing class in Liverpool like Reb3l Rumble and no matter what you current level of ability is…

Reb3l Rumble is the class that get’s you fit, strong, toned and feeling increadible

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