Gym Reb3l: Reb3l Kick Start

Are You New to Fitness?

Have You Taken a Break and Want a Kick Start to Get You Going Again?

Then Reb3l Kick Start is the logical choice for you.

Reb3l kick start is a 4-week program, 2 sessions a week working exclusively with one of our personal trainers in small groups of between 3-6 people, and in our private group fitness studio.

Over the course of the 4-weeks we will work on;


  • Mobility and Stretching
  • Body Weight Movements
  • Light Weights
  • Cardiovascular Fitness


  • Establish a Healthy Eating Plan
  • Make Small Sustainable Changes
  • Increase Water and Vitamin Intake
  • Learn to Track and Monitor Food


  • Program Your Mind to Focus on the Reason WHY
  • Learn How to Develop an Unstoppable Mind-set for Health and Fitness
  • Develop a Healthy Mind Knowing That You Are on Your Way to The Health and Body You Want

Most people fail at losing weight and making sustainable changes for 1 reason.

They try and do too much at the start.

With our Reb3l Kick Start program we coach you through the basic principles of building a healthy, sustainable workout and nutritional plan.

We also understand that for most people who either, haven’t exercised in a while, or not at all. Stepping in to a personal training studio can seem daunting.

So, by grouping you with your own personal trainer and a maximum of 5 other people (6 in total within the group) we can bring you in to our fitness community with people who are all in the same position as you, helping you to establish a support network of members who, along with your personal trainer will help to motivate and encourage you through the plan.

With our 1-2-1 personal training programs, we know from experience that a lot of people who exercise for the first time in a while have a lot of mobility and general ‘aches’ that need addressing.

Therefore, we send all our clients to our Physio for a full assessment.

With the Reb3l Kick Start program we take the exact same principles and work on your mobility so you can move more freely, stay injury free and progress through the right path, rather than chucked straight in to a work as most other personal trainers in Liverpool do.

How Does the Reb3l Kick Start Program Work?

The program is for 2 sessions a week with a personal trainer, over a 4-week period.

Session 1: This is your introduction session to the program. You will be taken over the content of the next 4-weeks so you have a full understanding of what you are going to be doing as well as how the nutrition, exercise and mind-set coaching works.

This will also be a great opportunity for you to meet the other members of the group and ask your personal trainer any questions you may have.

Some people are shy when it comes to their first session, which is not an issue and asking questions may be a bit much.

Therefore, we give you access to our trainer only mobile number so you can be in constant contact with your personal trainer should you have any questions.

The remainder of the program is explained in the first session.

What If I Have Never Exercised Before?

That is not an issue at all. This program is structured specifically for people who have never trained, or who have not exercised for a while.

Think of it as an introduction to fitness, nutrition and mind-set coaching with your very own personal trainer and support group.

Can I bring A Friend or Family Member?

Of course. If you know anyone who would benefit from this program PLEASE bring them with you.

At Gym Reb3l we want to build an amazing fitness community that encourages all levels of ability to start a healthy exercise and nutritional plan.

Therefore, this class is so popular and important because it gives people the chance to ease themselves back in under the right conditions and guidance.

How Do I Join?

Simply pop your details in the box below and you will be re-directed to a checkout page via PayPal.

From here you can select how many spaces you want to reserve.

You will then get a call from the personal trainer who is taking the next program and they will answer any further questions you may have and give you the details on getting started.

We hope to see you at Gym Reb3l and we really hope you take this opportunity as the hardest part with any fitness, weight loss and healthy journey is starting…

Complete your details below and take the first step.

What Is The Cost of The Plan?

Gym Reb3l Kick Start Plan is just £97 for the full 4 week program.


We know how hard it is for most people to get going on their health and fitness jounrey and it is the reason why this program has proved so popular.

The Reb3l Kick Start Plan gives you the opportunity to ease yourself back in to a sustainable exercise and nutritional plan under the guidance of the best personal trainers in Liverpool at Gym Reb3l.

The 4-week Reb3l Kick Start Plan is structured to allow progression in both the exercise and diet parts of the program.

This is so you make sustainable changes that you can continue and develop.

As mentioned before most people fail because they try and make too many changes and eventually this becomes too much and within a few days/weeks they are back to where they started and even more frustrated and upset.

This really is the perfect solution for you if you want to kick start your weight loss and health and fitness journey.

Complete the form above and join our next Reb3l Kick Start Plan and have your very own support group and personal trainer in Liverpool guide you to success over the next 4-weeks.