Reb3l FIT at Gym Reb3l

High Intensity Fitness Classes in Liverpool

A 45-minute fitness class using a combination of HIIT, Strength, Body Weight, Kettlebells and Battle Ropes designed to burn as many calories as possible in this ‘no holds barred’ fitness class’

Reb3l FIT is your ultimate cardio/strength based workout

With specifically designed fitness classes we take you on a journey that incorporates the 3 main principles;

  • Cardio
  • Strength
  • Fun!

There is no other fitness class like this in Liverpool and Reb3l FIT has quickly become our signature class for women who want to lose weight and tone up

While you will be working to your own maximum level our personal trainers will make any adjustments to the work you do based on your current fitness level

So it doesn’t matter if this is your first ever fitness class or if you have done 1000’s

Reb3l FIT is designed for all levels of ability because we have personal trainers taking our classes

Join the journey

And discover how Reb3l FIT will test, push and motivate you to a better body

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