Work 1-2-1 With a Gym Reb3l Personal Trainer

Personal training offers you the chance to work exclusively with one of our personal trainers where they will structure a workout, nutritonal and lifestyle plan to help you get to your goals faster

You will be working in our dedicated, private personal training area

There are no members allowed in this area, unless they are personal training

How Personal Training Works

There are 3 simple steps to joiniing our personal training programs

Step 1: Click the ‘Book Now’ button below and complete the application form

We get you to complete an application form so that our personal trainer can have a quick understanding of why you want to join the program

So, before they have their initial consultation with you they will know what you want to achieve

Step 2: Before we bring you in for your consultation we will have an initial consultation over the phone with you

This gives you a chance to also ask any further questions and gives the trainer a chance to explain more about the personal training programs and how they work

Step 3: This is where you come in for your full consultation and assessment

We Cover Everything From;

  • Previous Exercise History
  • Injuries
  • Illness
  • Dietary Requirements
  • Full Nutritional Assessment
  • Movement Assessment

This allows us to put together a complete lifestyle, nutrition and workout package for you that is based around

Where you are now

And previous histroy

This is crucial for your results

Please note: We take a £45 deposit for your consultation and this is refunded off any of the programs you choose to join

During your consultation your trainer will give you a skeleton plan of what you will be following during your personal training program so you can have a clear picutre of how it will work

Want To see Some Proof?

If you want to see how we have helped 1000’s of women across Liverpool lose weight, get in to shape and feel amazing then click ‘Show Me’ below

And view our testimonials from clients who have joined our programs and have changed their lives

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