Gym Reb3l: Personal Trainer FAQ’s

Please Read our FAQ about our Personal Trainers at Gym Reb3l.

How Frequently Should I Be Working with My Personal Trainer?

All our personal training programs at Gym Reb3l are for 2 personal training sessions a week. You can opt to purchase more personal training sessions but initially we recommend 2 sessions (depending on your ability) and we will then set you 1-2 additional workouts to complete either at home or in a local gym.

Do You Sell Blocks of 5 and 10 Sessions?

We don’t no. All our personal training programs are sold in 3, 6 and 12 month packages.

The reason our personal trainers work with you over a set time frame is because we plan and structure your workouts and nutritional plans based around your investment plan.

If you purchase a block of 10 personal training sessions there is no way we can plan a program for you as we have no time frame to work from.

By having a set program of 3, 6 and 12 months you can sit down with your personal trainers and plan your training programs.

We do not offer Pay as You Go personal training sessions either.

We only want to work with people who can commit to a certain time frame (based on their goals) and not for people looking for a quick weight loss fix.

How Long Will It Take to Reach My Goal with A Gym Reb3l Personal Trainer?

This is dependent on what you want to achieve.

If you take the average weight loss of 2lbs a week over a 12-week period that is not too far off. Although in the first few weeks because of the changes to your dietary habits and your increased exercises level you may drop between 3-5lbs a week.

Your personal trainer will sit down with you at the start of the plan and part of the initial goals they set will be based around any weight loss or inch loss you want.

While we understand for some people weight loss is important we also look at other aspects of your health and fitness and we set goals around that.

For example, some people struggle with energy during the mid-afternoon and this can be related to diet (amongst other factors) and there may be certain habits that need changing and so we recommend lifestyle habits alongside eating habits.

Do You Offer Diet Plans at Gym Reb3l?

We do yes. We offer both dietary plans and dietary advice during your membership at Gym Reb3l.

Can I Train with a Friend?

Alongside our 1-2-1 personal training programs we also offer Semi Private Personal Training.

This is where you can train with 3-5 other people (friends, family or we have set groups).

If you wish to train with a friend then we can arrange to set up a Semi Private Personal Training plan for you all at 2 sessions a week (minimum).

Semi Private Personal Training is like 1-2-1 personal training in that you all have your own program to work towards but the only difference is you are sharing the Gym Reb3l personal trainer.

Do You Offer a Cheaper Alternative to Personal Training?

We offer Semi Private Personal Training as mentioned above and we also have a full fitness class timetable with other options such as Reb3l FIT and Reb3l Yoga.

We recommend these classes alongside our personal training as we can then keep control of all your activity too.

Do You Guarantee That I Will Get Results?

We can guarantee you will get results if you follow what we say. For some people this may take long than others as everyone adjusts to new diet and exercise regimes differently.

Some people can pick it up right away and have a huge impact on their results where as other people take a while to adjust.

The key thing to remember is to never give up. You will have days where you struggle but people only fail when they quit and your personal trainer at Gym Reb3l will not stop supporting you.

Why Should I Choose a Personal Trainer over a Gym Membership?

Imagine this; You walk in to a gym; a fitness instructor gives you a program on your first session and away you go…

Now imagine this: You walk in to a personal training studio. Your personal trainer sits down with you and goes through all your exercises and medical history. Dietary analysis and other questions.

You are then sent to a local physio for a complete assessment before coming back to your personal trainer.

Your personal trainer will then sit down with you and plan your program based on your initial assessment and your assessment from your physio.

You are then met every session by your personal trainer who will then take you through each workout making you feel comfortable and in control of your results

Gym’s also rely on failure. Think about it… a gym has on average 3000 members. What would happen if between 5pm – 7pm you all decided to go?

Do you know any gyms in Liverpool that has 3000 treadmills? Me neither…

They rely on you not going and ultimately failing.

Personal Trainers rely on you succeeding and getting results, otherwise they go out of business.

Do You Have Before and After Photos of Your Client Results with Gym Reb3l Personal Trainers?

If you >>> CLICK HERE <<< you can view some of our clients before and after photos and check out our 5* reviews on Google as well as Facebook.