Right now, across social media, in your email inbox and probably in magazines you are going to be bombarded with

Count Calories

Count Macro’s

Do This Exercise Routine for X Results

And all with the promise of getting amazing results

But if weight loss really was that simple why are so many people overweight and struggling to lose weight?

At Gym Reb3l most of the clients come to use because

They are frustrated at trying to lose weight

They are angry that others seem to be able to do it but they can’t

They are confused with the conflicting information out there

They are fed up

How many times have you tried to lose weight and not got to the results you want?

Here is the truth

Most people do not want to weight and measure the foods every day

This type of system is usually sold on the promise of ‘You Can Eat X (usually a chocolate bar) X (usually a pizza) and X (usually sweets) and still lose weight’

Which to some people may sound like the dream diet

But if weight loss was as simple as creating a calorie deficit then why do so many people fail?

This is where most personal trainers go wrong for their clients

  1. They just give workouts and not exercise programs (there is no progression or monitoring)
  2. They set ‘numbers’ for nutrition in the belief that you can adapt to this right away
  3. They have no answer if this doesn’t work for you and just blame you

When food labels can be out by up to 30% this ‘scientific’ approach is based on a theory

And with our bodies all individual, meaning we all absorb a different number of calories per person, we metabolise calories different to other people and then you have things like

  • Age
  • Activity Level
  • Stress Levels
  • Recovery Levels
  • Sex Hormone Levels

Is this ‘THEORY’ or macros (or calorie) counting really the be all and end all of weight loss?

Of course, it isn’t

The secret to losing weight is not just about exercise

It is not just about nutrition

The secret to losing weight is to create BEHAVIOURS

Behaviours (habits) is what will create the results you want

If we eat a certain way

Live a certain lifestyle

Then our body reflects this

Long-term sustainable results are created by establishing habits

We are all individual

For us as personal trainers at Gym Reb3l to say to you

‘This is how you have to live your life’ is wrong

It won’t work

There are so many factors to consider for each client

  • Lifestyle
  • Family
  • Work
  • Activity Levels
  • Time Management
  • Adherence
  • Current Behaviours
  • Beliefs
  • Motivation
  • Peer Pressure (are you easily swayed)
  • Your Current Exercise/Nutritional Knowledge
  • Are you someone who responds well to change
  • Are you someone who can adapt to a ‘Do’ or ‘Don’t’ list, or do you need to be coached through each part individually

There are so many factors that make up you are getting the results you want and at Gym Reb3l our coaches take these in to consideration

We coach our clients we don’t ‘Tell’ our clients

Everything we do is adapted to your lifestyle and beliefs so that the results you get are sustainable

A quick fix, low calorie diet will not work for you long-term

Therefore, at Gym Reb3l we use our 30-Day Slim Down Challenge to show you how to get the results you want

To show you why our clients get such amazing results

To guide you through the behavioural changes you need to make to get the results you want

In the 30-days you will see the value in what we do and why we are Liverpool’s most successful boutique fitness and personal training studio

Why so many of our clients have achieved amazing results

You can join the program by simply popping your details in to the form below


Please Understand This…

This isn’t a quick fix program

There are no juices, magic pills or extreme dieting

If you are looking for a quick fix

For short terms results

We are not for you

There are other personal trainers and gyms in Liverpool that will happily take your money and time to get these results

Gym Reb3l is a lifestyle

It is about creating a sustainable lifestyle so you don’t have to use Google to find pages like this

So, you get the results you want

And find the solution that has eluded you over and over again