Grab your Speedos- we’re going on holiday!

Here at GYM REB3L, we like to keep things fresh depending on the season. And to get you summer ready, we have a sizzling Summer Speedo Challenge that you can’t resist!

When you first booked your summer getaway in January, I’m sure you had high hopes that you would have gone to the gym and be in ship shape with that summer body that you’ve always dreamt of. However, it’s never too late to start your weight loss journey.

Whether you’re going away this summer, or just want to start getting fit- our Summer Speedo Challenge is designed to help you achieve your goals… even in the heat! As they say, suns out… guns out.

Now, when we say “Speedo Challenge,” a well known image of David Beckham rocking the most loved summer accessory may come to mind. But we know you can wear them better. Why? Because this challenge goes above and beyond getting that “perfect” summer body. It’s about feeling comfortable in yourself (and your speedos), regardless of your body type. It’s about making small, progressive steps for your fitness regime.

What we offer

We have two fiery packages for our Summer Speedo Challenge:

  • Holiday for one (£150):

– 2 x Personal Training Sessions

– UNLIMITED Class Pass

– Complete Diet Plan

  • Holiday for two (£200):

– 2 x Personal Training Sessions

– UNLIMITED Class Pass

– Complete Diet Plan

Claim your FREE Month

Although the packages are deposited at £150 + £200, we are now rewarding your progress with a FREE Month! This is our way of giving back to you and your hard work! But how do you claim your Free Speedo Challenge Month?

Simply complete the full challenge to claim. This means that you must:

  • Attend Both PT Sessions Per Week
  • Attend at least 2 classes per week (You can attend more than two if you wish!)
  • Stick to your complete diet plan

How to sign up

So.. you’ve got your speedos at the ready and you’re prepared to take on the challenge, but there’s one thing missing. Actually signing up! We’ve now made it even easier to get involved with our programmes at GYM REB3L, so you can apply quickly and easily; wherever you may be.

To sign up to our Summer Speedo Challenge, simply click here. This is a limited time offer, so make sure to secure your place now before it’s too late!

Are you summer ready yet?