Gym Reb3l: How to stick to a diet

Dieting is tough… or do we just make it tough?

How To Stick To A Diet and Get Amazing Weight Loss Results!

At Gym Reb3l, If People Are Struggling to Stick To Their Diet, then, first we must look at some of the excuses which people use to get out of a diet, then provide them with an appropriate solution:

Excuse #1: Vegetables Taste So Bland!:

The major mistakes people make when in a diet and they are preparing vegetables is overcooking and under-seasoning. Whether you steam, sauté, or grill, cut back a little on your usual cooking time (veggies should still have some crispness when you remove them from the heat). Then toss them in what chefs call a finishing sauce and season.

Excuse #2: I Have No Time To Cook!:

Pick up a healthy main course (think rotisserie chicken or grilled salmon) and add quick sides such as five-minute whole-wheat couscous and frozen vegetables at home. Steer clear of ready-made casseroles, pasta dishes, and mayo-based salads, which tend to pack in hidden calories.

Excuse #3: I Can’t Survive Without Something Sweet!:

Have an ounce of dark chocolate, which has just 150 calories, instead of your typical treat. An added benefit: Several studies have found that the flavouring in dark chocolate can lower blood pressure and improve circulation, two factors that may protect against heart disease.

Dark chocolate also offers about twice as many antioxidants as milk varieties and just an ounce boasts more of these disease-fighting compounds than one and a half cups of blueberries (one of the most antioxidant-rich foods), according to research. Look for a bar made with at least 60 percent cacao—the higher the percentage, the less added sugar it contains.

How Gym Reb3l Personal Trainers Can Help You

At Gym Reb3l we have the best weight loss specialist personal trainers in Liverpool who are here to help you every single step of the way

Each of the diets our personal trainers put together are specific to you and monitored and progressed

There are no generic ‘one size fits all’ plans and this is the reason our clients get such amazing, life changing weight loss results

We don’t just want you to come and lose weight for a few months

We want you to work with our personal trainers and build a long term sustainable plan that stops the yo-yo dieting and stress associated with losing weight