Gym Reb3l: How To Progress Your Workouts For Maximum Results

How To Progress Your Workouts For Maximum Results

The one training goal in which most people acknowledge and aim for when going to Gym Reb3l – is muscular and fitness gains!

However if you do not want your fitness goals to plateau then Progressive Overload Needs to be incorporated into your workouts.

So, What Is Progressive Overload?

Progressive Overload is the gradual increase of weight or stress one puts themselves under during training.

The principal is about continuously increasing the demands on the muscoloskeletal system so that you can make gains in muscle size, strength, and endurance.

Or The Way We Like To Put It At Gym Reb3l Is, Progressive overload is increasing your workload in the gym over a certain time period, whether that be a month or a week.

Whether you train with free weights or machines, train using high reps or low reps, heavy weights or light weights, progressive overload is the concept that should underpin everything you do in the gym. It applies to all aspects of the fitness game.

Want to put on size? Get stronger?

Become more explosive? Run faster?

Run further? Progressive overload is the key.

At Gym Reb3l Progressive Overload Is The Focal Point Of All of the Personal Trainers.

How To Implement Progressive Overload In Your Workout?

Over  the many years of research we have learned that your body doesn’t want to change.

Muscle tissue is very costly and it burns more energy at rest and the body wants to remain as efficient as possible, so if you don’t force your body to change, it simply won’t.

So in order to implement it you could tweak the different training variables so that your body is forced to change.

One way to do this is to gradually increase the weight you lift over time.

If you can lift heavier, you’re getting stronger. You’re forcing your muscles to adapt to the stress of the heavier weight.

Or Perhaps you could increase the number of reps you perform per set.

Can’t lift a heavier dumbbell at a given workout? Instead, try to squeeze one or two extra reps in the set. If you can perform more reps this workout then you’re progressing.

And then after a few sessions, you can then try to increase the weight.

Remember that you must be patient as the gains will not show overnight

This article and principles talked about will help you to progress your workouts for maximum results

Change will probably come slowly and incrementally.

However, even a small change in the right direction is a good thing.

Adding a small weight plate to the barbell.

Moving the pin on the weight stack.

If the numbers are changing, you’re moving forward.

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