How to Feel More Confident in The Gym

Joining a gym and starting new or back in to a health and fitness regime can be very intimidating for most people.

Just the thought of walking in to a new environment, packed with people working out, classes busy with regular clients and then the thought of having to work out how all the machines work because your induction will never cover every machine.

It is this intimidation and fear factor that stops most people from achieving the results they want in a gym.

But what if I could show you ways of not only boosting your confidence in the gym but also ways for you to get fantastic results too?

Can you imagine walking in to the gym and going straight to the machines you need for the results you want?

Can you imagine how amazing that would feel knowing that every minute and every weight lifted had a purpose specific to your goals?

In this post, I am going to share with you how you can overcome the initial confidence factor of walking in to a gym and show you how to feel confident and comfortable in your new-found health and fitness regime.

Remember, Everyone Has Been There

The first thing to get over is you are not alone. Most people who join a gym have the same feelings you do when they walk in there for the first time.

And even down the line, if they haven’t got a specific program to follow and end up wondering from machine to machine without any real purpose they may still feel like how they felt when they first walk in.

So, do not be afraid of your first trip to the gym just understand that this is the first and most valuable step in your new-found fitness and health regime.

Do Not Over Complicate Your First Visit

When you go to the gym for the first time do not over complicate the visit.

Have a little wonder around the gym if you feel confident enough to, so you can get a feel for the gym and see where everything is but if not my advice would be to go and choose a piece of cardiovascular machine that is manageable (such as a bike or x-trainer) and use this for a comfortable time so you can get a feel for the gym.

Quick Disclaimer: Please check with your Doctor before entering a gym about any equipment you should and should not use and if you are not too sure please speak to a personal trainer in the gym.

A Basic Program Can Be a Good Start

When you join a gym, you will be offered an induction by the sales team. Please remember that the program you get from the fitness instructor or personal trainer is generic.

It will go something like this.

You sit down at a table

The trainer asks you your goals

He/she then asks if you have any medical conditions or if you have filled it our he will check your form.

The trainer will then write a quick program out

And as a rule, you will be shown; Bike, X-Trainer, Treadmill, 3-4 Machines and a few abdominal exercises

Remember this program is generic.

As an example, at Gym Reb3l before any of our personal trainers give you a program you are sent for a full physio assessment and we use this as the basis to structure your plan.

But back to the gym.

This program is ok to give you a little confidence and start to use the machines and it also gives you a bit of structure to get going.

Don’t Waste Your Time on Your First Visit

When you are in the gym try and not wonder around, take frequent visits to fill up your water bottle or stare at the notice board and reading every comment.

Complete the machines you want to use and then head off.

The reason for this is that in the future when you have your personal program you want to get in to the habit of working out consistently while in the gym and not wasting time talking or hanging around.

Find an Instructor

The way gyms have changed over the years most of the staff are now self-employed personal trainers. So, finding a regular member of staff on the gym who can help you can be tough.

But if you can find out who the instructors are and their availability, or if they are not available, then who to ask this can help you from wondering around and not really being too sure how all the machines work, and if they are right for you.

Treat Yourself

This to me is the most important.

We all know how nice it feels to wear something new and starting out in the gym is a huge deal – so treat yourself.

Go and buy yourself a new top or bottoms (or both), or even a new pair of trainers or something as simple as a water bottle.

Just give yourself a little reward present and this gives you a nice piece of motivation when you are going in to the gym as you will be feeling good in what you are wearing or what you have bought.

Bring A Friend

Now while this may not always be possible if you have someone who is working out for the first time in a while or for the first time ever see if you can get them as a gym buddy.

If you have a friend who already goes then you could tag along with them but remember, they may have been going for a while so if they are following a structured workout you may not be able to keep up.

This can dent a lot of people’s confidence as they try and keep up with their friend, forgetting they have been there a while and end up leaving feel unfit and healthy ‘compared’ to their friend.

Look for smaller, boutique gyms with client reviews

Gym Reb3l is a boutique gym and slowly these are cropping up across the UK.

A boutique gym offers you the chance to work with a trainer in either a group setting or personal training.

At Gym Reb3l we offer;

  • 1-2-1 Personal Training
  • Semi Private Personal Training (3-5)
  • Small Group Training (8-12)

So, at any one time in boutique gyms you are never left on your own and everything is structured for your progression.

One of our most popular programs is our Reb3l Kick Start program.

This is a 4-week program for 3-5 people who are either;

New to working out and have never tried a class or exercise program before

Have exercised previously but do not have the confidence to get to a commercial gym just yet

In this program, we take you through the basic principles of working out so at the end of the 4-weeks you have;

A detailed nutritional plan to follow that fits with your lifestyle

A warm up and movement exercise plan so you can warm up correctly in the gym

An overview of a program to follow that is specific to your goals

A list of your goals for the first 30-days and the steps needed to achieve this

All through this program you are working with a personal trainer and you have 24/7 contact with your trainer via mobile/text/email.

You can check out the reviews for Gym Reb3l via our Facebook Page, Bark, Google Reviews or Yelp and you can see what our clients have achieved.

I would always recommend this when joining any gym or fitness program.

Gaining confidence in the gym takes time and being consistent with your visits to the gym, having a program specific to you and not a generic plan and getting to know people can help to boost your confidence.

But no matter what you do please do not give up in your quest and over time your confidence will build.

And if you want to find out more about our Gym Confidence Building Program (Reb3l Kick Start) then please click the red button below.