Gym Reb3l: How Often Should I Do Yoga to Lose Weight?

How Often Should I Do Yoga To Lose Weight?

Whether you are a cardio bunny, a squat goddess or a mix of the two yoga should be part of your workout routine.

All our personal trainers at Gym Reb3l recommend Yoga as part of their client’s regime but here is some key reason as to how yoga can help you to lose weight and tips on how often you should do yoga to lose weight.

Putting yoga together with weight loss might seem a little strange as usually trying to lose weight is associated with sweating.

But yoga can be part of your health and fitness routine no matter what your goal is as the benefits of yoga will help all aspects of your training.

Yoga is focused around a series of movement patterns and mind–body connection.

It is the belief that the meditation and connection aspect of yoga, that allows people to gain a clearer understanding and balance of their life as one of the main reason why people who try to lose weight and combine yoga with their routine are so successful.

Please make sure you read our article on 5 Quick Benefits of Yoga and get a full understanding of the complete benefits of yoga.

I personally believe that the connection of mind-body and the long-term reduction of stress is key to being able to achieve effective weight loss in a yoga class.

It has nothing to do with heat (That is why we do not do hot yoga at Gym Reb3l) as the sweat your release during a hot yoga class is replaced.

There are no studies to show the benefits of hot yoga over traditional yoga in relation to weight loss and increased digestion.

So, hot yoga is simply a preference and serves as no advantage to weight loss.

The stress link and reduction when you include exercise and yoga I believe is the key element and getting to understand your body through meditation leads to success.

So many of the world’s leading NLP and Life Coaches practice and recommend meditation as a form of gaining clarity and control of your life and with this incorporated in our Reb3l Yoga class this is the reason why people are so successful in weight loss.

I was told a story from one of my clients who in her words ‘Had, Had the WORST Day in Work’ and just wanted to head home and crack open the wine.

After several text messages and 2 phone calls I managed to convince her to go to Reb3l Yoga first and then go home to relax.

As we do our Reb3l Yoga to music she said she found herself humming along to the songs in her head while also going over some of the issues that day.

When she left, although still a little annoyed at some of the day’s events she said she left with a different mind-set and rather than go home to drown in wine she went home for a bath and a relax.

Mind-set is everything and your mind dictates your thoughts and results.

And remember:

Thoughts create emotions

Emotions create action.

By meditating and taking time for yourself you can gain control of your thoughts and control your emotions.

Reb3l Yoga is an all level Yoga class and has built an incredible community and following as part of our Gym Reb3l brand.

We would love to help you with your health and fitness goals and if weight loss is one of those then we will be able to help you achieve that.

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How Often Should I Do Yoga To Lose Weight?

Yoga should be used alongside your gym based routine and we recommend 1-2 sessions of yoga each week.

If you read our aticle on the 5 Quck Benefits of Yoga you will see how yoga boosts flexibility to help with specific movements such as squats, presses and other compound lifts. As well as helping to reduce the risk of injury.

At Gym Reb3l we believe yoga should be an essential part of your workout and if you haven’t yet tried a yoga class or not too sure if it is for you. Make sure you click above and get your free yoga class at Gym Reb3l and check out the benefits to this amazing yoga class.

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