Gym Reb3l: Hire a Personal Trainer to Lose Weight

Are You Wanting To Hire A Personal Trainer  to Help you Lose Weight?

Before you do, please check out the ultimate guide to hiring a personal trainer in your area and the questions you should.

When searching for a personal trainer it can be a mine-field. Just a simple search in Google of ‘Personal Trainers Liverpool’ and you are swamped with choice.

Personal trainers are like most service professionals in that their price usually represents their level of service.

If, for example, you took you were looking at selling your house. Most people would look for a local estate agent who does not take too much in fee’s or a percentage of the sale.

But what if you found an estate agent who took a slightly higher fee but could guarantee the sale of your house within 3 months?

You would choose them.

And when choosing a personal trainer, it is a similar format in the choices you make.

I have put together 11 tips for you on hiring a personal trainer in your area and what to ask, what to look for and how to make the right decision.

Find a Coach or a Trainer?

My first recommendation is crucial and will help you understand the remainder of these steps.

Trainer: Takes you through a workout.

Coach: Coaches you through a workout, your nutritional plans and your lifestyle. Gives you targets to achieve and sets stepping stones throughout your training plans to keep you on track and makes any adjustments necessary and when needed.

The coach is what you are looking for.

If you go to any commercial gym you will see a trainer. A trainer is the personal trainer who is dragging their clients around the gym going from random exercise to random exercise, with very little thought process, only to give them ‘a good workout’ where they leave the gym feeling like they have had a near death experience.

Anyone can be a trainer, and if it is a trainer you are looking for then my recommendation is to join a class structure program or an extreme boot camp.

If you want to be coached and create habits that are long-term and specific to your results then you need a Coach.

The Plan Should Compliment Your Lifestyle:

When you have your initial consultation with your personal trainer they should be able to get a full understanding of your lifestyle.

Your nutrition and workout plan should then be structured around your lifestyle.

This doesn’t mean small changes can’t be made long-term to make healthier changes but it means that by having a full understanding of your lifestyle they can make the changes based on this.

If you have a sociable job and are always entertaining clients then asking you to stop drinking is not possible so changes need to be made to your daily intake.

If your trainer does the following, stand up and walk away;

Download MyFitnessPal

Here are your number (macro’s)

Hit these each day

Then run… run as fast as you can with your money.

While this will allow flexibility in the approach there must be long term teachings for this and by just hitting numbers you are not correcting habits.

Look at Service Not Price: It is easy to look at the cost of something without really understanding the service.

You can hire a personal trainer in Liverpool for as little as £10 per hour/session right up to £80 per session.

This isn’t to say that the £80 trainer is better than the £10 trainer but what you must do is look at the service they offer.

Look at all the points in this article and does the personal trainer tick every box?

If they tick every box

Understand where you are and what changes need to take place

And understand how to get you there, that is when you invest.

You don’t invest at the point of knowing the price.

Ask for An Initial Consultation: Consultations are for the trainer as much as they are for you.

In an ideal consultation, the personal trainer will use this to get a full understand of;

Your lifestyle

Your Nutritional Habits

Your Exercise History

Medical or Injury History

Any Fears or Limiting Beliefs

It will also be a great chance for you to meet your trainer and to also be given a tour of the studio you are going to be using.

This is also a great opportunity for you to ask to see all evidence of previous clients results and copies of insurance, qualifications, first aid and defibrillator training.

If your first session is like this… Don’t Join >>> If your first session is to fill out a quick form and then go directly in to the gym for a workout you have just got yourself involved with a trainer and not a coach! Avoid.

Ask to See Previous Client Results and Testimonials: This is a great way to see their expertise at what they do and their ability to coach people.

While not everyone will follow the trainer’s advice 100%, as a coach it is their job to implement the changes and whether this takes 1 month or 12 it does not matter.

Your trainer should be able to get results with everyone they train.

Ideally you would see video and photo evidence or Google or Facebook Reviews. This is so you know they are genuine reviews.

Ask for Certifications of; Insurance, Qualifications, First Aid and Defibrillator Training: So many personal trainers do not carry this and this not only endangers you but also the studio they work at.

If they do not have any of the above avoid.

Without First Aid their insurance is invalid

Without Qualification’s their insurance is invalid

Without Defibrillator Certification, their insurance is invalid

And in the worst, cases the trainer will not have any insurance at all.

Ask How You Will Be Assessed, Monitored and Progressed: This is key and you should be taken through how this is going to happen.

Remember the trainer, they will not do this.

A coach will be able to take you through each step of your exercise and nutritional coaching plan and how this is monitored and progressed.

They will also take you through the habits they want to install and when and how this will be implemented.

And finally, you will have a clear understand of each milestone and goal setting plan you have in place and how this is supported.

Ask to See Examples of This from Previous Clients: An easy way to see this is to ask to see client examples of progressions of programs from when they first started to where they are not.

You can also do this with food and lifestly4e coaching too and before they tell you it is data protection, you are not asking for personal details so they will be ok.

Ask for A Guarantee: All personal trainer should offer you a guarantee. And not ‘A Guarantee That You Will Achieve Results’

You could lose 1lb in 30-days and that is a guarantee.

The guarantee we offer at Gym Reb3l is that no matter what program you join, if within the first 30-days you are not happy and want to opt out we will offer you a full refund.

This is explained full in your consultation

Make Sure the Time is Right for You: Just by getting a personal trainer does not mean you will get the results.

Make sure you are ready to commit as starting something you are not fully ready to do will become a chore.

It is not the fear of not being able to do something that will stop you achieving results it is not being mentally ready to commit to the session.

AVOID The ‘Exercise’ Entertainers: We have all seen the circus trainers in the gym.

The people who get their clients hanging from machines, performing outlandish movements to either cause confusion or to get a ’10 Score’ from the watching public (gym members).

Avoid these clowns and let them perform their own tricks in their own workouts.

Quick Story: I once saw a trainer get his client to; stand on a gym ball while performing a 1 arm shoulder press and a 1 arm bicep curl in the other hand… with the explanation that – this is functional!!

Personal training and exercise is predominately designed to help you to move easier and stay injury free.

Keep that in mind while you are looking to hire a personal trainer and if you need to, copy this checklist out and take it with you when you go for your first consultation

Are You Ready To Hire A Personal Trainer To Lose Weight?

At Gym Reb3l we can not only give you a 30-day money back guarantee but we also provide you with all the infomration above. This is what has made Gym Reb3l Liverpool Number 1 Boutique Fitness Studio and why so many people in Liverpool have achieved such amazing results through our program.

Now is your chance to take the first step and get a free consultation with one of our personal trainers by simply filling out the form below with your name and email address.

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