Gym Reb3l: Pre Pay Day Circuit Class Liverpool

Gym Reb3l Pre Pay Day Circuit Class Liverpool

What Is The Pre Pay Day Circuit?

If you follow the Gym Reb3l Facebook Page You Know We Completed 2 Special Circuits On Boxing Day, And New Years Day.

We completed this circuit because at around this time of the year we understand that people like to go on nights out, eat a little more unhealthy (festive) food as it is the holidays.

The circuit allowed people to jump straight back onto the fitness train and get back into shape.

What we are offering is every final Sunday of the month we are offering a one off circuit based at the Gym Reb3l Studio for just £5.

The Idea behind this is because at the end of the month we are feeling drained and our motivation is fairly low we get a community together and let people train alongside familiar faces, or perhaps new faces and make new friends.

That way when you’re training but still having a lot of fun at the same time it will boost your motivation for the coming month, and if you’re feeling the same way in the next month just repeat the process!

Why Should I Sign Up For The Pre Pay Day Circuit?

Well that’s simple.

Firstly, Extra Activity for you to feel good and better about yourself.

Also, to come down and join a community of familiar faces, or perhaps you can make new friends for life.

What an amazing opportunity to meet new people and also have a fantastic workout

Here are 5 reasons why you should join Gym Reb3l. Finally it is a perfect opportunity for you to get into amazing shape just before you go on a night out, or a holiday in the next month.