Our personal trainers offer an exclusive 1-2-1 coaching programs to help you not only reach your health and fitness goal but to make the changes necessary so you continue to get results and keep the weight off.

Gym Reb3l offers you the chance to work exclusively on a 1-2-1 basis with our personal trainers at our Gym Reb3l fitness studio.

We have a dedicated 1800 sqft personal training gym (separate to where we hold our fitness classes) where you will be working with your personal trainer.

Our gym area is fully equipped to a commercial standard and offers you all the equipment needed to achieve your health and fitness goals under the guidance of the best personal trainers in Liverpool.

Am I Fit Enough for A Personal Trainer?

This is the most popular question we get asked. And some people feel they need a certain level of fitness before working with a personal trainer.

When you work with a Gym Reb3l personal trainer everything is programmed for your current level of fitness and mobility.

It does not matter one bit what your current levels are as from your initial consultation and assessments we program your workouts based on this.

You will also be assessed by our physio before you start any of our 1-2-1 personal training programs so we can have a full understanding of where you are physically.

This assessment then allows us to structure your mobility drills (warm up) and the framework for your personal training programs.

All our personal trainers work under the same standard so until you have had your physio appointment you are not able to start your personal training program with your personal trainer – but we will arrange this for you within 7 days of your consultation.

I Feel Intimidated in Gym’s, why is Gym Reb3l Different?

Our Matchworks studio at Gym Reb3l is divided in to 2 rooms.

One room is for our group fitness classes and the other room is our dedicated personal training area.

Only clients working with a personal trainer are allowed in to this area so everyone will be in the same position as you, in the studio and working with their personal trainer.

Working with a personal trainer in a private personal training studio is completely different to working out in a gym in Liverpool.

When you have your initial consultation with your personal trainer you are also given a tour of the studio and group fitness studio so you can see exactly where you will be exercising and you can also see the gym in action.

How Do I Book a Personal Trainer at Gym Reb3l?

Simply complete the form below, you will then be redirected to a page where you need to complete and answer a few questions. Once we receive your form we will then call you within 12hr to arrange your initial consultation.

We have a solid 5-star review on Google as well as reviews on our Facebook page for you to check out the results people in Liverpool have had with our personal trainers.

You can also visit our testimonials page by simply >>> CLICKING HERE <<<

All our personal trainers are fully qualified, fully insured and with up to date first aid and defibrillator certificates.

We have continual in house development programs for our personal trainers as well as continued learning from governing bodies for our personal trainers.

Each of the personal trainers who work in our studios are specialists in their own subjects and we offer both Weight Loss Specialist personal trainers, Strength Training Specialist personal trainers as well as personal trainers who also compete in figure and fitness competitions.

You really will be working with the best personal trainers in Liverpool who all offer a professional coaching program that will ensure you reach your health and fitness goals.

All Gym Reb3l personal trainers understand the struggles associated with starting a health and fitness plan and it is this support and ability to coach people through the steps needed that has given Gym Reb3l and its personal trainers the reputation they have in Liverpool as the best personal trainers.

This really is your chance to come and work exclusively on a 1-2-1 basis with our personal trainers and discover how so many people in Liverpool have got in to amazing shape through our 1-2-1 personal training programs.