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Personal Trainers Liverpool: The Gym Reb3l Journey

The Personal Training Journey at Gym Reb3l

For most people joining a gym or any fitness class can seem quite daunting and getting a personal trainer can be just as bad.

That is why at Gym Reb3l we have a client based approach where every step of your personal training journey is fully explained so you can understand what to expect from your personal trainer.

Step 1: This is the hardest part. Making contact with Gym Reb3l and enquiring about personal training.

The first step is always the hardest when it comes to getting in shape, and that is getting started.

That is why at Gym Reb3l we have simplified this approach where rather than you get in touch with us. All you have to do is complete a simple questionnaire.

This allows you to fill the personal training questionnaire in at your own pace and think about the answers.

Then you simply click send and within 12hr one of our personal trainers will contact you and schedule a phone consultation.

Step 2: The reason we schedule a phone consultation is to simply go through the questionnaire you completed and find out a little more about why you are looking for a personal trainer and what you are wanting to achieve from the program.

From this phone consultation, you are then given the option to come down to Gym Reb3l and have a full consultation with your personal trainer.

Step 3: When you visit our Gym Reb3l studio you will be given a tour of our personal training area and where we run the group fitness classes. This is a great opportunity for you to see exactly how the studio, fitness and personal training plans we offer work.

You can see where you will be training and get a complete feel of the atmosphere of Gym Reb3l.

On your visit, we take you through a more in-depth consultation and get a complete overview of your fitness history and nutrition.

You will also be taken through the personal training plans we offer and if you decide you want to go ahead with our personal training programs this is when you would invest in the plans.

Step 4: Before we take on any of our clients for personal training we book you an appointment with a physiotherapist in Liverpool who we use for all our personal training clients.

The physio will then run a complete muscle balance and mobility assessment. This is essential because this then forms the frame work of your initial personal training plan.

Another reason this is so important is because while your goal may be to lose weight or tone up etc.… your goal will also be to stay injury free. And so many personal trainers make the mistake of throwing their clients straight in to workouts without conducting a full assessment that they run the risk of injuries long term.

Step 5: You are now a fully-fledged Gym Reb3l Personal Training client and are a member of the most elite fitness community in Liverpool 🙂

We would love for you to train at Gym Reb3l and sample our personal training and group fitness programs.

To book all you simply need to do is click the button below and complete the form and we will then call you within 12hr to schedule your personal training consultation with one of our personal trainer.


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