Gym Reb3l:The Truth Behind Amazing Weight Loss Photos

The Truth Behind Amazing Weight Loss Photos

How many times do you see a before and after photo when browsing through fitness websites? We see people standing there in the before section looking miserable, and not where they want to be. I am a fan of people having a starting point. However just 1 photo doesn’t give that person justice to why they look like how they do, or why they want to change.

It is very subjective to just how they look! Health is more than just fitness, and how people look on a photo. In regards with most of the photos I see.

I think that you’re made to look your worst, then at the after section of the picture it is this most amazing transformation ever. It should not be about that! I believe that it should be for your own consumption and for you to see where you started and to where you are now.

Why Is Gym Reb3l Different?

Gym Reb3l we are more focused on the journey of where you are and finding things about you. We are focused on the process of health rather than a very subjective image.

Point A-B or A-Z or 0-1000?

People think about a transformation photo as someone going from Point A to Point B! I believe that is nonsense as it doesn’t show the hard work they have put in at the gym, it doesn’t show how long they’ve trained for, nor does it show any of there diets. I like to think of it as going from Point A to Point Z and the rest of the alphabet is going through there journey.

Do You Need A Photo?

Another question in which I ask is do you need a photo to capture what You’re feeling? Like how clothes fit better, how your skin has improved, or how you have a better love life? I don’t think its a necessity.

So to summarise, Before and After Photos are a useful tool for yourself and to track your journey. However to be passed over the internet – At Gym Reb3l We do Not Think That Is Necessary!

Why we don’t believe fully in before and after photos

While photos are an excellent guide to showing your progression they, as mentioned in the video, do not tell the full story

This is why Gym Reb3l personal trainer use them as part of the monitoring process but do not have them as the ‘Final’ results package

Fitness and your body changes all the time

And our personal trainers understand that the results you may want now… will change once you have achieved them

As the personal trainers at Gym Reb3l fully understand the saying that ‘Health and Fitness is not a destination, it is a journey’

Once you accept and end point your motivation stops once you achieve this

Having new, update goals that you strive to achieve along the way is crucial to your success and development

Never settle for just one result