Have you ever wondered what it would be like to start feeling confident in your body again? That can shortly become a reality with a few fitness motivational tips on how to be in control of your own drive. Whatever your reason for wanting to work out, sometimes we all need a bit of motivation to keep that drive alive.

Set yourself goals

The fundamental part of getting to where you want to be is keeping your end goal in sight. Start with small, simple goals and progressively push yourself as you achieve. You are the only person stopping yourself from getting to where you want to be. Don’t just stop at having goals, write them down. Make a note of them as a constant reminder of what you wish to achieve. An example of this would be keeping an exercise diary. Do you have a busy schedule? Kids? Does work constantly get in the way of your fitness? Keeping an exercise diary will help you keep on top of your fitness, at the same time as juggling your own hectic lifestyle. Tell yourself, “Monday evening’s I will work out.” In no time it will be a part of your weekly routine. Trust me.

Reward yourself

Another key part of motivating yourself to be a better you is rewarding yourself. We all like doing something that may seem hard and challenging at first, and then getting something out of it in the end. Of course, taking steps to look after your body is a reward in itself, but even treating yourself to some new trainers to work out in can make everything worth while.

Keep a diary

Why not also record how you feel after every workout? Workout diaries are perfect for this. This will ensure that you can keep on track of that positive motivation that you had when you first started working out. We all remember that feeling of satisfaction and drive after the first week of being an ‘improved you.’ Keep it going. Occasionally look back at your feelings and remember why you started exercising more. Tracking your progress is important in seeing how far you’ve come, and being a motivator for the future. Before vs. after photos are best for this. Don’t forget why you set those goals in the beginning.

And above all, remember that you’re doing this for you. Treat this as your own time to yourself. Remember that how you feel, and what you get out of this is more important than anything else. So what are you waiting for? Write down those goals, get that exercise planner together and take the plunge to become a better, happier and more confident you.