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Alongside our Personal Training and Semi Private Personal Training programs at Gym Reb3l we also offer a full group coaching program of classes;

Reb3l Yoga, Pads and Abs, TRX Classes and Reb3l FIT (plus more) 

Join a fitness community focused on getting you amazing results

You can find out more about the fitness classes in Liverpool that we offer by clicking any of the links below.

Reb3l Yoga: This is one of our signature classes were we mix the benefits of traditional yoga classes with a musical background.

Reb3l FIT: Another of our signature fitness classes where we combine bonxing, TRX, strength and body weight exercises to give you an amazing all over body workout.

Pads and Abs: Every one knows boxing is an amazing way to burn a lot of calories and trim inches off the middle. Well now add a twist of Reb3l magic and you have yourself the perfect fitness class in Liverpool for boxing. Please note this is ladies only.

TRX HIIT: TRX (Suspension Training) gives a full body workout that helps to tone, build strength and with our HIIT additional, we give you an amazing cardiovascular fitness.

ABS BLAST: A 30-minute class focusing on your abdominals, lower back and core.

This class will help to shape, tone and flatten your abs

Reb3l S & C: A full body strength and conditioning circuit using a mixture of battle ropes, tyre flipping, kettlebell’s, barbells and body weight to help boost strength and increase cardiovascular fitness

Corporate Fitness: Gym Reb3l is proud to partner with several local businesses where we offer you and your company the chance to train exclusively at our studio with your own fitness class.

We have different packages available where we can tailor specific workouts via our Semi Private Coaching program or give you a mixture of any of the classes on our timetable for you and your staff.

To enquire simply email;

REB3L RUNNING CLUB: A beginner/Intermediate  running club lead by Dan Haplin and Clair Fox that will take you from the couch to a comfortable runner

Kettlebell Class: One of the greatest fitness tools that helps to build strength, improve flexibility,, muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

GROUP Ex.: This is a private group fitness training program run by our personal trainer Clair Fox.

To book on to this please book via Clair direct

FIT CAMP: An indoor boot camp program run by Clair Fox and Dan Haplin.

To book on to this class please contact them direct

At Gym Reb3l we focus on FUN, ENERGY and EXPERIENCE. All of our fitness class are focused around the individual and we have the best personal trainers in Liverpool looking after you. So you can be sure you will have the best workout, the most fun and an amazing experience at Gym Reb3l.

Please Note: Group Ex. and Fit Camp are not included in our monthly membership programs. These are private classes run by our personal trainers for their clients. To book on to this class please contact them direct.


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