Gym Reb3l: Lose Weight Eating All You Want… Really?

I see this headline repeatedly on social media

And it true

You can eat what you want and lose weight

All you must do is make sure you stick within your daily calories

And those calories are slightly less than what you need to maintain your weight (calorie deficit)

But here is what those pesky trainers forget to tell you…

While you may feel great losing weight, eating what you want

Your body shape will not get to where you want it to be

Yes, you will shrink in weight

Yes, you will lose weight


If you are going to calorie count

Then you must look at the foods you eat

What personal trainers forget to tell you is

While they are promoting their ‘Pizza and Jelly Sweets’ diet

Is that around that, they are eating about 80% ‘Good Foods’

You will never see a fitness model (male or female) eat the foods promoted on these diets and be able to step on stage with their six pack

So why do they lie to you?


Because who else wouldn’t love the idea of eating all these amazing foods every day and get lose weight

If a personal trainer said to me

‘Matt, eat as much galaxy as you want (within your daily calories) and I will get you in shape for a fitness show…’

They would probably be the first personal trainer I like…

But the truth is it is not that simple

And all these personal trainers are doing is what we call…

Emotional Marketing

They are playing on something that is important to the potential client

And misleading them on what is possible

See, down the line

If the personal trainer is smart

They will adjust your foods

You will go from counting calories

To them breaking it down in to macros’ (carbohydrates, proteins and fats)

But they won’t tell you this

Because that doesn’t sell

What sells is

Eat This (Picture of Pizza)

Get Abs, or

Lose Weight

That sells

And people buy in to it

And wonder why they struggle

And there you have the number 1 reason I hate this industry

Because of the lies used to sell programs

The truth is this

Yes, you can eat certain foods and lose weight

But if your goal is to not just lose weight but,

To become healthy

Have more energy

Better concentration

Stop feeling bloated and uncomfortable

Increase muscle tone (not just soft flabby skin)

You can’t eat like this

Don’t fall for the BS you will see plastered all over Facebook

And if you want to know what really works

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