Gym Reb3l: Boxing Class in Liverpool

Punch your way to fitness and immerse yourself in our high-energy boxing class 

Gym Rebel’s Boxing Class in Liverpool literally takes away the intimidation of a traditional boxing class and incorporates a high energy, fun, interactive workout that gets the heart rate up, the calories burned maximized and to add a bit more glamour, we deliver a high intensity Abs workout that tones and flattens your core in just 30-minute workouts.

Imagine walking in to a boxing class with all the equipment set out, your personal trainer about to deliver your ‘speech’ about what is going to happen in today’s class and then laying out each of the exercises and combinations they will be taking you through.

You start with a warm up, getting your body lose, ready to rumble and ready to take on this workout.

You strap up your gloves.

Nervous, but at the same time excited about what this workout may entail… and them BOOM!

The music is turned up

The instructors start delivering the workout

You follow the instructions and through some punches, you hit the combination, move on to your abdominal station on the buzzer and then finish on your cardio station.

7 rounds of fury and you are flying through the class.

Then silence…

Your personal trainer takes you through a cool down

You realise it is over

The class you thought you would fear

The class you thought would be ‘too hard’

A group HIGH % and tons of energy later it is finished.

You leave feeling amazing

Your new-found confidence of finding a gym class that eliminates the intimidation

That is taught by personal trainers so you know you are in safe hands

You feel proud

You are ready

And this begins the steps of the New You program you promised yourself.

Imagine the Feeling of Feeling Fitter and Healthier (But now with a mean upper cut!!)

Ok, so maybe the ‘mean upper cut’ isn’t for everyone but the feeling of feeling fitter and healthier is why we all join a gym or fitness class.

The bonus of getting fitter and healthier is that you then lose weight and tone up.

Our boxing class in Liverpool at Gym Reb3l provides you with this.

Can you imagine how it would feel to go to a boxing class, taught by a personal trainer where the intimidation and ‘macho’ image usually associated with boxing is kicked outside and the focus is on having FUN and getting RESULTS.

This is exactly what we have created at Gym Reb3l and it is why our boxing class is proving so popular.

We would love for you to trial any of our classes and if you want to trial a boxing class then all you must do is complete the form below.

7 Rounds of Fire…

Like all our classes at Gym Reb3l, the Pads and Abs class is structured over 7 rounds where we combine pad work with abdominal and direct cardio sessions.

Using this system, you will be taken through a complete, all over body workout that allows you to build up your fitness, muscle tone and strength.

You will be able to get; a stronger body, toned arms, firmer thighs and flatter abs. That will help you to not only feel amazing but also boost your confidence.

This Is a Workout Not a Boxing Club

Gym Reb3l Pads and sessions are not workouts filled with boxing amateurs.

We are not a professional boxing club filled with world class boxers and coaches helping people to become professional boxers.

We are a community based fitness studio that gives you an amazing boxing workout using Pads, Weights, Cardio and Core/Abdominal work to boost your health and fitness.

If you are looking for a professional boxing club and coaches in Liverpool to take the amateurs in to professionals then we are not for you J

BUT… if you are looking for a FUN, ENERGETIC, high intensity workout that is packed with a full body program then Pads and Abs at Gym Reb3l is for you.

And the Best Bit…

At Gym Reb3l, because our classes are all taught by personal trainers we can cater for all levels of fitness.

It doesn’t matter which one of our Pads and Abs class times you book they are all designed for all levels of fitness. And this is due to the way they have been structured.

Are You Ready to Take the First Step?

Are you ready to work hard, HIIT hard and learn the fundamentals of boxing in a fun filled, non-intimidating atmosphere?

Where you will boost your fitness, increase your muscle tone and flatten your abs with this all over, complete body workout program.



You can bring your own gloves if you wish but we do have some just for our boxing class (and hand gel) so you are more than welcome to use ours.


We recommend around 1 litre of water and a sweat towel and if you have any friends or family you want to bring along you can.


Download our app by clicking the buttons above or by simply >>> clicking here <<< Please make sure you book via the app as if you just turn up we cannot guarantee you a space. We have a maximum of 12 people on our boxing class in Liverpool at Gym Reb3l so please book via the app to avoid disappointment. If you are struggling with booking via our app you can call the studio direct on 07710 448 273 to book.

You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook too if you wish to find out more about what we do and see our boxing classes in action.