Gym Reb3l: The Beginners Guide To Yoga

3 Quck Tips For Your First Yoga Class As A Beginner

Yoga is an amazing class and the benefits are phenomenal.

But for some people going to their first yoga class can be a little intimidating.

Images of being the person who cannot do most of the poses and having to sit at the back of the class and just rock back and forth.

And this can put people off starting yoga classes.

So, we at Gym Reb3l have put together 3 very simple tips you can implement on your first yoga class to help you get the most benefit.

And to also help you feel comfortable and confident.

The 3 Best Yoga Tips for Beginners on Their First Yoga Class

Let Your Yoga Instructor Know It Is Your First Class: People walk in to a yoga class and rather than explain quickly to the instructor it is their first class they just try and go straight in.

The truth is the yoga instructor will know it is your first class by some of the movements you make so from the off just let them know.

This way they can keep an eye on you and anything they see you struggling with they will be able to modify the pose to help you adapt.

Focus on Your Breathing: Part of yoga’s benefits is to help you feel relaxed. If you go to your first class panicking about the movements then you lose focus of the basic principles.

Use your first yoga class to focus on your breathing and trying to relax in to the movement.

The breathing pattern will help you to feel relaxed and de-stressed.

Giving you a more calmer approach to the class.

Enjoy the Meditation: Meditation is amazing for mind-set and control. It allows you to gain focus and clarity on situations.

But for some people the meditation phase of a yoga class can make them feel uncomfortable in the sense of not really being able to do it.

Meditation takes practice and while you may spend your first few meditation sessions looking around the class, thinking of jobs you must do or counting down the clock, embrace the meditation.

It takes practice so what you learn in your yoga class practice each day at home.

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When you go to your first yoga class just remember everyone was a beginner once.

People know how hard some of the movements are and how it can be hard for some people to start their first yoga class.

So please just try it, use the yoga tips above and most of all enjoy the class.

Once yoga is part of your health and fitness regime you will see amazing benefits in both your weight training and mobility.

We really hope you enjoy our article on the beginners guide to yoga