Gym Reb3l: Balance and Weight Loss

Let Us Debunk They Rubbish That Surrounds The Generic Information on Balance and Weight Loss

One of the biggest stories you will constantly see floating around social media when it comes to health and fitness is ‘balance’

You must have balance

Create balance

It is all about balance

So, if it about balance why do some people drink Thursday to Sunday and stay lean

Why do some people eat crap for 1 day and put weight on?

To completely different situations that both promote ‘balance’

As a personal trainer, I have never got to the meaning of what people say when they talk balance because everyone is different.

Write that down


There is no one program fit’s all

You are an individual, unique and different to everyone else

What works for you may not work for others

Look at your lifestyle too



Social Life


That list can go on but if you work part time then dos the ‘balance’ element of your life change from someone who works 40+ hours a week?

If you have a social job that require you to take clients for food and drinks

How does the balance work for you compared to someone who works 9-5 and has 3 set breaks a day?

Creating a balance in your life is individual to you

It isn’t as easy as 80% good and 20% bad – that’s BS.

So many factors contribute to what is creating a balance for you personally

And by understanding your lifestyle and commitments then you can understand what balance means to you.

Before the junkie personal trainers jump on to this and go ‘all you have to do is create an energy balance’ they need to sit down and read this bit…

I am talking about a lifestyle balance…

If you work with a personal trainer who understands this your results will come fast

They will understand your lifestyle

Understand your commitments

Understand how to structure this

And understand how to create a ‘balance’ specific to you

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