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Why Calorie Counting Might Not Work for You

Gym Reb3l: Why Calorie Counting Might Not Work For You Have you ever started a diet plan and thought ‘I am not going to be able to do this’? Or have you ever been following a diet and thought ‘This just isn’t right for me’ Let me let you in on a secret You are probably right on both counts When you hire a personal trainer, you are doing so under 2 reasons Because you need help Because you want something designed for you Working 1-2-1 with a personal trainer should allow both So, what does this have to...

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Introducing: Summer Speedo Challenge

GYM REB3L: SUMMER SPEEDO CHALLENGE Grab your Speedos- we’re going on holiday! Here at GYM REB3L, we like to keep things fresh depending on the season. And to get you summer ready, we have a sizzling Summer Speedo Challenge that you can’t resist! When you first booked your summer getaway in January, I’m sure you had high hopes that you would have gone to the gym and be in ship shape with that summer body that you’ve always dreamt of. However, it’s never too late to start your weight loss journey. Whether you’re going away this summer, or just...

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Summer exercises you NEED in your life!

GYM REB3L: Summer exercises you NEED in your life It’s warm outside. You want to get your summer exercises in, but you can’t always make it to the gym. We know the struggle. Which is why here at Gym Reb3l, we have put together some fitness exercises that you can do from home to get that lean, fit and healthy summer body. For the first workout, we have put together a 12 minute abs blast. This helps to work your core in order to get that “show off stomach.” Next up is a short workout which ensures that you get that amazing “bubble...

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Best fitness workouts for summer!

Gym Reb3l: Best fitness workouts for summer! It’s summer. The sun is scorching hot. And all you want to do is sit outside with a cold beverage and try and tan as much as possible. Naturally, the gym probably isn’t the number one place you want to be on a summer day as wonderful as that, but it isn’t time to slack off now. You need that summer body. You need to keep that motivation up. And most importantly, you want those things. Which is why we have put together some of our best fitness workouts for summer! Jogging...

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Summer workout planner to keep that summer motivation

Gym Reb3l: Summer workout planner It’s summer. You’re probably busy- juggling, life, work, kids, and anything in between. You want to work out, but you find it hard to make time and organise yourself. Well, look no further! We are here to give our top tips for when it comes to sticking to your own summer workout planner! Oh, and we’ve also created a downloadable calendar to print off just for you! Your workout calendar helps you organise yourself Like we mentioned at the beginning, life can get pretty hectic in the summer which can be a pain if you’re...

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