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8-Week Body Transformation Boot Camp in Sefton Park

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Liverpool Boot Camp Details

Start Date: Monday 3rd September 2018

Days: Monday & Wednesday

Times: 6:30pm – 7:15pm

Duration: 8 Weeks

Location: Sefton Park

LIMITED: 10 People Only – All Fitness Levels Welcome

Cost: £200

Welcome to Gym Reb3l’s outdoor boot camp program

Gym Reb3l’s boot camp is a ladies only boot camp program

Meaning the boot camp can specialise in those ‘problem areas; bums, thighs, arms and abs

So you get a dedicated fitness package that women want and that focus on the results you want

Alongside the workouts you will also be provided with a nutritional program to follow

The food plan is designed to help you lose as much weight as possible in the 8-weeks and most importantly, keep it off

If you are looking for a quick fix boot camp, this isn’t it


While the Gym Reb3l boot camp will get you amazing results, it isn’t a boot camp for people looking to get a quick fix and not wanting to take care of their health and fitness long-term

You are going to learn healthy habits that will help you to continue to get results after the 8-week program

There are no;

  • Gimmicks
  • Shakes
  • Pills
  • Fads

Just honest, healthy, wholesome foods (coupled with our recipe books) that not only give you fantastic short term results but also long term results too.

The workouts are taken by a Gym Reb3l personal trainer so you are in safe hands


Am I fit enough for your boot camps?

Our boot camps have been specifically structured to ensure that all participants, whether it is people who have never trained before or ‘gym junkies’, are pushed to their own personal limits.

None of the workouts have been designed to create ‘competition’ and for people to be left behind.

No matter what your fitness ability is, we have ensured that you will leave the workouts feeling energised and proud of their achievement.

What should I wear?

Please make sure you wear suitable trainers and lose fitting gym wear.

You may also want to bring a towel should you not wish to lie on the grass and please make sure you bring at least 1 litre of water.

What happens if it rains/snows/thunder….?

You train – it is as simple as that… The boot camps are there for you to get in to great shape and lose weight so no excuses with the weather.

Your personal trainer will be there with you 100% of the way

Please ensure that the weather does not put you off as it can’t be used as an excuse for hindering your results.

In wet conditions you may want to bring a towel to sit on in your car or a change of clothes to change in to in your car should you wish.

What happens when i first join?

When you first join our boot camp you will be emailed all your food plans and templates along with out official boot camp manual.

On weeks 1, 4 and 8, each client is re assessed through the fitness assessment which is used as a guide to check your development and progression through the boot camps.

These are simple exercises performed for 1-2 minutes and designed for you to complete as many repetitions as you can in that required time.

The structure our programs mean everyone will have a fantastic workout so there is no ‘diving in at the deep end’ and being put through torture in our boot camps.

I am a vegetarian will the food plans be OK for me?

The official recipe book and food plans cater for vegetarians and there are many suitable recipes for you to follow.

Real People… Real Results



Liverpool Boot Camps is part of the Gym Reb3l Brand.

Our boot camps are run by fully qualified and insured personal trainers

We will provide you with everything needed to lose weight and get the results you want.

All you have to do is follow our plans


Refunds: Please note because you are redirected to our manual download page once you have registered and paid there can be no refunds

Why Should You Join The Gym Reb3l Boot Camp Program?

You should join the Gym Reb3l boot camp program if you are frustrated at trying to lose weight

You should join the Gym Reb3l boot camp program if you are fed up of yo-yo dieting

You should join the Gym Reb3l boot camp program if you are desperate to start a healthy lifestyle but not sure what is best

You should join the Gym Reb3l boot camp program if you want to follow a proven strategy, have your own personal trainer and want to train with like minded women who are all desperate to improve

Do I Need To Be Fit?

No, absolutely not

The beauty of our boot camp program is that we cater for all levels of fitness

With the classes being run by personal trainers is enables us to adapt the planned workouts to the individual person

Meaning that, no matter what level of fitness you are, you are going to get an amazing workout

Do not make the mistake of thinking ‘I will wait until I am a bit fitter’

There is no point in thinking like that

While we understand it may be easier to think you need to get your fitness levels up before joining

All you are doing is delaying yourself from getting the results you want

Trying to workout yourself is tough

And then building your fitness leves up and losing weight can become frustrating

By joining Gym Reb3l’s boot camp program you are under the guidence of a personal trainer

This means we can build the workout around you

Your fitness will improve quicker with a personal trainer

You muscle tone will show quicker with a personal trainer

Your diet will improve quicker with a personal trainer too

Now is your chance to take the first step in looking after you and improving your health and fitness

Don’t let it slip

Don’t Wait To Join The Boot Camp

We cannot accept people on to the boot camp once it has started

This is because we plan the full 8-week program in advance

Meaning we know every step of the way where yo ushould be in terms of your fitness improvements

Please ensure you join before our next start date and don’t miss this opportunity to make a real difference

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