Gym Reb3l: Powerful Ways To Boost Your Confidence

Discover The 7 Most Powerful Ways To Boost Your Confidence In The Gym

Confidence is so powerful that I believe it dictates how we are on a day to day basis and if your confidence is ever affected in certain situations it can have a negative effect.

When going to a gym, for most people it is the confidence issue that affects them the most and that confidence is often associated with fear.

I am going to show you 7 steps you can implement today that will help with your confidence in the gym and help you to eliminate the self-doubt and fear that you may have.

Can you imagine how you are going to feel once you implement these?

Walking in to the gym.

Knowing what to do.

It is such a great feeling and from this article you are going to be able to achieve that.

But first I want to tackle one issue


I once read; Fear is an emotion of something that has never happened.

Read that again:

Fear is an emotion of something that has never happened.

When you think of it like that and can coach yourself to understanding that things never seem to be as bad as you first thought.

With that in mind here are 7-steps that you can implement right away to helping you feel more confident in the gym.

Dress the Part: A question we get asked a lot from new clients is, ‘What Shall I Wear?’

For people who are going to the gym for the first time or are going to a new gym, getting the clothing ‘right’ can be a huge step.

Have a look online at gym clothing websites such as Adidas, Nike or if you feel a little daring then Gym Shark and Lulu Lemon.

You can spend anything from £10 to £200 on gym clothing but whatever is in your budget by a new set of gym clothes that makes you feel nice and comfortable.

Groom Yourself Before the Gym: Going to the gym and doing simple things like putting on make-up or doing your hair (not for a night out…) can make a huge difference too.

I didn’t realise until a while ago that on Pinterest they have boards for ‘Gym Hair for Women’ which was amazing.

I didn’t realise it went that far but I can understand people wanting to do things like this to help them feel more comfortable.

Think Positive About Why You Are Going and Think of The Future:

There are going to be plenty of days when you don’t want to exercise, or you just want to have a huge binge of certain foods or drinks.

But what you have to remember is why you started.

Most people start a gym to lose weight because this has a lot of emotional attachement. So in most respects the weight loss is a fueling factor for how they may feel about themself.

Low confidence is just one of the feeling’s you can have as a result of being overweight.

So if every you feel like giving up or not going I want you to ask yourself these 2 questions:

1: Why Did I Start?
2: How Will It Make Me Feel If I Stopped?

Go Prepared: There are 3 things you must take to a gym.

  • A bottle of water (or water bottle)
  • Some music (music can make you feel amazing and boost energy)
  • A gym towel

Now the gym towel can be the most important.

In point 3 I mentioned how some women will like to put on make-up to go to the gym, make sure it is water proof.

As this is where the gym towel comes in to it.

I have seen some women go to the gym and not realise their make-up isn’t water proof, or not given it a thought and then sprinting over to the towels to wipe it off their face.

Tip 1: Make sure your make up is water proof

Tip 2: Take a gym towel to ‘dampen down’ your face

Set Small Goals for Weekly Ticks and Confidence Boosting:

Goal setting is of huge importance when going to the gym and it doesn’t always have to be weight related.

Having a weight loss goal is good but think about the habits that will get you there.

Set goals such as;

I must attend the gym 3 times this week

I must attend 1 gym class

I must eat 5 good breakfast’s this week

I must read 1 nutritional article this week

These small habits will create long term results.

If you can imagine the goal of getting your breakfast right. Then when this is achieved for 5 consecutive days move on to 20 days.

Then move on to 5 lunch meals etc.…

Small habits create huge results so use this as part of your confidence building in the gym.

Change 1 Small Habit a Week:

Like the above I want you to think of 1 habit you do that has made you feel the way you do.

The most common one is drinking alcohol in the week or snacking on sweet/chocolate during the week.

Write a list of the things you do that you believe may be sabotaging your results and take one of those and for 7 consecutive days try and eliminate it from your routine.

Smile: My favourite.

Just simply smiling and saying hello to people has a huge impact on your confidence.

We are naturally programmed for interaction and just by saying hello to people and getting a response will make you feel good.

And if they don’t respond or just stare, who cares…

You have just been polite and maybe you should recommend they read this article…

Bonus: Exercise: As we know looking after our body is key for confidence.

By starting a workout program and then building consistency and making it part of our lifestyle is a huge step in building confidence.

And the key thing with exercise and any of the above is consistency.

If you lose the momentum or find an excuse to stop a habit or not attend a gym then it makes it very easy for you to stop completely, and harder to then get back in to a routine.

No matter how you feel when you are in the gym

No matter if you have a ‘bad’ workout

Just be consistent and still go on the scheduled days and keep up the habit.

At Gym Reb3l we have built a dedicated program for people who are either new to the gym, or who have not trained for a while and lack the confidence to go back in to the gym.

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I really hope you enjoyed this article on the 7 most powerful ways to boost your confidence in the gym.

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