Gym Reb3l: 5 Quick Benefits of Yoga

Here are 5 Quick Benefits of Yoga and Why You Should Make This Part of Your Health and Fitness Regime

Have you always wanted to try a yoga class?

Are you unsure as to whether yoga is right for you?

At Gym Reb3l we have put together a quick guide giving you 5 quick benefits of yoga.

And if you read to the bottom you can claim your free yoga class at Gym Reb3l with out Reb3l Yoga program.

The Benefits of Yoga 1: Increased Flexibility

Have you ever watched a baby squat? They stay in that position effortlessly and for a long time.

Have you tried it recently?

As we get older our sedentary jobs, sat at a desk, driving a car, watching tv… does nothing for our flexibility and as a result we start to get more and more susceptible to injuries.

By following a regular yoga class, you increase the flexibility, reduce the risk of injuries but more importantly, just being able to stand upright and proud due to good posture, and being more mobile is a huge benefit.

If your flexibility is increasing then this too will help you with your weights sessions and improve those lifts also.

The Benefits of Yoga 2: Increased muscle strength and tone

As we get older increase muscle strength is a must.

Using your body weight as resistance during yoga helps to increase your muscle tone and strength and will help to reduce the risk of arthritis and of course, back pain.

We always recommend to our personal training clients to attend yoga classes as while you can build strength with weights also it may be at the risk of reducing flexibility. As a lot of people do not warm up properly nor do they mobilise themselves ready for the workout.

A simple trick is to watch people when they shoulder press as most people press the bar out in front of them when in truth the arms should be in-line with their ears.

The Benefits of Yoga 3: Improves Posture

Throughout the day our spine is placed in different positions and while it is designed to do this, add the weight of a head-on top of the spine and no wonder more and more people suffer with back issues.

Just by tilting your head a few inches forward or backwards change the weight load on the spine and as a result more and more people can suffer with back issues.

Yoga helps to perfect your posture and protect your spine through improved posture.

The Benefits of Yoga 4: Increases concentration through meditation

Part of yoga is the practise of meditation and focusing on the present.

This is an incredibly powerful tool, and while it does take some getting used to practising meditation in and outside the yoga class will give you more clarity and concentration in your day to day tasks.

Meditation is also very effective in stress management as it allows you to focus on the tasks at hand.

Each day we are faced with the possibility of; fear, stress, anxiety, anger, upset… all the emotions play a part and over time will cause more and more problems.

Yoga, with the practice of meditation will help to control these and not only will you learn to deal with these through meditation but the practice of yoga classes, controlling your breathing and relaxing in to position will help with your state of mind.

The Benefits of Yoga 5: Makes you happier

Studies have shown that regular yoga classes can improve your mood and well-being.

This can be put down to a reduction in stress but also an increase in serotonin levels (happy chemicals in the body) as you start to take care of yourself.

Looking after yourself and giving yourself dedicated time during the week is an amazing feeling and something we at Gym Reb3l recommend.

You can’t help others and be happy if you can’t look after yourself.

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