Gym Reb3l:30 Day Slim Down Challenge

30 Day Slim Down Challenge

The 30 Day Slim Down Challenge is tailor made plan which should please your weight loss Needs. Our Gym Reb3l Studio is one of Liverpool’s most prestigious Personal Training providers. so we are providing the highest quality service which is available to you.

What Do You Get In The 30 Day Slim Down Challenge?


At Gym Reb3l all our workouts are personalised to the client. So it does not matter about your current level of fitness or your exercise history. We will create a program specific to you and your goals which will be reviewed by one of our personal trainers. You can even use our app to help you.


Creating the perfect nutritional plan isn’t about counting calories, points or colours. It is about finding out what works best for you, your lifestyle and your family/commitments. With all this taken in to account we are able to coach you through your personalised plan.


We hear ‘balance’ all the time and the importance of creating balance. Well ‘balance’ is specific to you and your lifestyle. At Gym Reb3l we will tailor your plan around your other commitments.

So, to summarise, with the 30 Day Slim Down Challenge You Get:

  • A Workout Program That Is Specific To You And Your Goals
  • Consistent Monitoring Of Your Progress By Your Coach
  • A Perfect Nutritional Plan which your coach will go through with you so that it is personalised
  • A Balanced Lifestyle so our coaches can create a workout, nutritional and coaching plan that fits around your commitments

You also can expect to join a fitness community that is focused on getting you amazing results. and our 30 slim down challenge will allow you unlimited access to our amazing group fitness classes.

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