Gym Reb3l: 21 Tips for Losing Weight

Kick Off Your Weight Loss Plan With The Right Step and our 21 Tips For Losing Weight

So, we have put together our top 21 tips for losing weight and keeping it off

When you go through the list, number 4 (we believe) is the most important. And you can start number 4 by installing some of the 21 tips within the list.

Your Foundations:

Do not skip meals: Skipping meals because you believe will help you lose weight, or skipping meals because you had a curry the night before isn’t the way to go when losing weight.

If you do have too much the night before in alcohol and/or food just move on from it and make you next meal your best meal.

If you skip meals for weight loss you will have a higher risk of putting the weight back on when you start to bring in more foods. This is detrimental to your weight loss goals and only adds to the frustration of trying to lose weight

Set 130mins each week for exercise: Schedule in your diary 3x 45 minute workouts per week.

Have a minimum of 2 weight sessions per week: Included in your 3x 45-minute workout sessions schedule 2 of those for a weight based session.

Remember to get advice and clearance from your GP but as a baseline recommendation have;

Workout 1: 10-minutes mobility work and warming up. 10-15-minutes cardiovascular exercise and 20-25-minutes weights based (Upper body).

Workouts 2: 10-minutes mobility work and warming up. 25-30-minutes cardiovascular fitness and then 5-10-minutes stability and direct core work.

Workout 3: 10-minutes mobility work and warming up. 10-15-minutes cardiovascular exercise and 20-25-minutes weights based (Upper body).

Teach one habit per week: Habits create results. It is the habit of eating too much, or drinking too much (basically the habit of too many calories) that causes people to put on weight.

So, start to create healthy habits and implement one habit for 7-10 consecutive days before adding additional habits to your plan.

Never eat too little and monitor calories if you need to: Cutting meals or cutting your food too drastically is not a good idea for weight loss.

If you cut your calories too much and under eat, at some point during your weight loss journey you are going to reach a plateau.

At this point, you are exercising 3-4 times a week and eating the minimal number of calories. This means you have very little effective changes you can make to your food and exercise regime to kick start the weight loss again.

Keep your calories as high as possible while aiming for 2-3lbs of weight loss per week.

I also recommend you stick to a certain number of calories for a minimum of 30-days to see the effects and while you are losing weight on those calories and exercise plan there is no need to change it.

Cut down and not out: Limiting your foods can be bad emotionally. If you do calorie (or macro) count you can use this as a base to bring in some of your favourite foods.

This is usually done over the weekend where people will have a ‘cheat meal’.

If you do not count your calories, that isn’t an issue and cheat meals can still be put in place.

Aim for 1 litre of water per 50lbs of body weight: What is your first port of call with any health and fitness regime.

Energy levels




The list is endless to the benefits of water.

Make this your first habit to get the desired amount of water in each day.

Avoid the quick fix and think long term: Quick fix diets may make you feel amazing for the first few weeks but the truth is long term you are not learning any new habits, nor are you breaking the habits that got you there in the first place.

Think long term and ask yourself this

Will I Be Following This Diet 10 Years from Now?

Plan your meals: Planning your meals makes weight loss so easy. You know exactly what you are going to be eating and when. Start this today.

Prepare your foods when possible: Moving on from planning your meals you can then prepare a lot of your meals in batches.

Homemade soups, curries, stews etc. can be batched cooked.

Cutting up sweet potato for example and putting it in freezer bags for the fridge saves time when having to make your meals in the week and the same thing can be done with porridge and other similar foods.

Keep and emergency stash: Keep a few pieces of fruit with you and some nuts just in case you are caught out and can’t get to your food.

This stops you grabbing a quick snack and stops the chances of eating more when you do get in because of the hunger.

Get enough sleep: Too little sleep can add to stress and can also cause you to target more sugary foods during your day. This is because your energy levels will be up and down from the sugar and lack of sleep.

Remember: If you are someone who is trying to lose weight but lacks confidence in the gym make sure you check out our blog post on 7 Powerful Ways To Boost Your Confidence In The Gym.

Your Smart Diet Tips

Eat protein with every meal: Protein will help to fill you up but is also vital to your body and its performance. Add this to each meal:

Breakfast: eggs, yoghurt, salmon and eggs (posh…)

Lunch/Dinner: lean meats, fish

Enjoy your food – it is not a race: Sit down and enjoy your food. No one is going to steal it from you so enjoy it.

If you have prepared it yourself marvel at your amazing cooking skills and enjoy 🙂

If you are not measuring use your hands as a guide: For most people measuring foods and counting calories is too much and a ball ache.

Carbohydrate sources: 1 handful

Proteins: Palm size

Butters/Nuts: teaspoon serving

Lean Green Vegetables: Go mad… as much as you want

Include 500ml of water with each meal: Mistaking hunger for thirst is common and by also having water with your food it;

  • Makes you to take breaks from eating to drinking
  • Helps with digestion
  • Bonus: Ups your water intake for the day


Food Diet Tips

Check for hidden calories in foods (avoid fat free): The trap of purchasing products such as fat free can be a killer on the diet.

A lot of fat free products will then be laden with sugar to give you the flavour. Look at the sugar content of foods and avoid fat free where possible

Don’t drink calories: Fizzy drinks are the dark enemy of losing weight.

Some people do not see drinking a can of coke as added calories to their day so avoid these and if you do want them stick with diet drinks (unlike the food).

Do not go overboard with these as in my experience with clients this can cause digestive, sleep and recovery issues when exercising and trying to lose weight.

Eat green veg with each meal; spinach, kale, broccoli are you go to choices. Write this down; Eat Green…. Stay Lean.

Packed with super vitamins, greens should be the framework of all your meals. Whether it is swapping a bag of crisps for a bag of spinach, make sure you had 2-3 handfuls of greens to each meal.

Use herbs and spices for flavour rather than sauces: Some sauces can add calories to your meals that are not necessary.

By using herbs and spices you can create some amazing tastes and flavours. Experiment with this and give it a try and save some of your daily calories.

Always ask for dressings on the side when eating out: There is no need to stop eating out when you are trying to lose weight. And apart from making the right choices something as simple as asking for your sauces on the side rather than spread all over your food will save you brownie points on your diet.

If you are struggling with your weight loss goals and struggling to put together a plan just for you.

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