Gym Reb3l: 11 Weight Loss Mistakes

Avoid These 11 Weight Loss Mistakes Most People Make and Get The Weight Loss Results You Want

Weight loss can be tough.

Both physically and emotionally it can put a real strain on you.

Especially when you feel you are doing everything right and then getting little to no results.

So, at Gym Reb3l we have put together 11 weight loss mistakes our personal trainers see when people have tried to lose weight.

Only Focusing on The Scales

While we are not knocking the scales and that they should be used as part of your weight loss monitoring, they are not the golden ticket.

Losing 3lbs, 4lbs even 6lbs in 1 week and then losing 0.5lbs the following week can mentally take it out on you.

People generally believe they can lose a high amount of weight each week and if that doesn’t happen then they follow 2 systems.

  • They eat fewer calories the following week and ultimately destroy long term results.
  • They quit because the weight loss is too slow

Your body weight can factor in so many possibilities such as;

The amount of water you drank the day before

The type of food you eat

Your digestion

Time of the month (obviously for women only…)

When using the scales pick the same day and time each week to monitor your weight but even if it only drops by 0.5lbs some weeks.

Do not give up.

Just stick with the process and be consistent.

Eating Too Much

Moving on to single ingredient foods such as fruit, vegetables, rice etc.… is a good thing.

But some people believe because they are eating these foods that they won’t ever be eating too much… because it Is healthy food.

When you first start off on your weight loss journey it is a great idea to track your food and portions by either writing it down or logging it in to MyFitnessPal.

You can then use this as a guide to see how you are feeling, measure energy levels and get an idea of the amount you are consuming and adjust when necessary.

Eating Too Little

1200 calories seem to be the magic number for women to lose weight.

Or so they think…

When people want to lose weight they instantly drop their calories to around this number, sometimes as low as 1000 per day.

So, on the previously they could have been eating 1500-200 calories a day and then suddenly there is a huge drop.

While weight loss will happen in the first few weeks you set yourself up for a difficult future with this method.

By eating too fewer calories to early when your weight loss plateaux’s you will have nowhere to go.

You cannot reduce your calories any further because they are already at the lowest levels and so most people end up giving up, or going on some crazy juicing diet to get ‘rid of the last bit’.

Keep your calories as high as possible when first starting out and monitor what you eat and your weight (weekly).

This way you will not only still lose weight but you will also have some leeway when you need to adjust things.

Not Exercising

Exercise is a must as part of your weight loss journey.

Part of your weight loss journey is to increase your health and this then means introducing and regular exercise plan that raises your heart rate.

Start small if you have never exercised before and just start with regular walks.

Once you have completed this for 2-3 weeks and got more mobile than you can start to introduce a weight based program in to your workout.

Please do not dismiss weights as these are not only essential in increasing your metabolism but weights also give your body a greater shape when losing weight.

Exercising Too Much

This is very like the Eating Too Little process.

If you start out on your weight loss journey exercising 5, 6, even 7 times a week. When your weight loss plateaux’s you then have nothing more you can do.

Try and keep your exercise program to 3x per week when first starting out and then you can increase this to 4 times as your progress.

Not Eating Enough Fibre

For a lot of people losing weight and going on to a weight loss plan usually means cutting out (or significantly reducing) carbohydrates.

And while low carb high fat diets do work missing out on fibre will affect your weight loss journey.

Include green leafy vegetables with every meal and if your fibre intake is too low then look at a fibre supplement to help you.

Not Drinking Enough Water

What should be the first improvement you look to make when wanting to lose weight.

It affects your; energy, digestion, concentration, sleep… there are so many benefits to water and make sure this is the first habit you introduce in to your weight loss plan.

A guide is to drink 1 litre of water per 50lbs of body weight and this is something I recommend you build up to.

If you are only used to drinking 1 litre a day then start with a 2-litre bottle and set a goal of within 5 days you get used to drinking 2 litres a day, then increase from there.

Mistaking Hunger for Thirst

This is a common mistake when trying to lose weight.

If you feel yourself hungry in the middle of the day or in the evening try having 500ml of water and see how that affects you.

Mistaking hunger for thirst is so common and if you can get this right you not only save yourself calories but you help to hit your water goal too.

Only Thinking of The Weekend

When losing weight think of the long-term health benefits to this.

If you’re goal is just for the weekend then you will constantly be yo-yo dieting and will never really stick to anything.

You must think long term and establishing your new healthy lifestyle as part of your long-term plan.

Create habits that are sustainable and enjoy how this makes you feel.

Drinking Calories

Alcohol, fizzy drinks and some water flavoured drinks contain calories.

If you monitor these you will be ok but do not forget when having any of these that your daily calories is affected.

Not Working With A Personal Trainer

Ok, so maybe a little biased on this at first but this is true.

By working with a personal trainer at Gym Reb3l you will achieve your goals a lot quicker.

All the above mistakes (and more) that people make when wanting to lose weight are avoided and our personal trainers will track and monitor everything for you to make sure you are kept on track.

Your personal training sessions are held in a private fitness studio, not a commerical gym. And we have dedicated training areas so you can work with your personal trainer on a 1-2-1 basis or in a small semi private personal training program.

This is now the chance for you to avoid the mistakes and work with a Gym Reb3l personal trainer, all you need to do is simply complete the form below.

Now You Will Avoid The 11 Weight Loss Mistakes Most People Make

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